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8 pounds up now!!  Those last 4 pounds just came out of nowhere!! 
I just can't wait to feel some real movement!!!  Felt something last night that was really like.."Was that....?"  But then I rationalized it away as my intestines rumbling, although I did not fart after.  I'm 15 weeks 3 days 
Thanks everyone for the feedback.  I'm actually feeling a lot better now that I expressed myself here.  My situation definitely isn't ideal, but when I got pregnant and wanted another child I felt strongly at the time that I could handle it and things would work out.  I know this post sounded pretty depressing but I mostly just needed to vent.  I don't believe I need medication but I am open to finding a good therapist to talk to.  We're only going to be in Hawaii another...
I went into this pregnancy with such vivid clarity, and a determination to have an excellent pregnancy and to be positive and proactive and healthy and happy the entire time.  I knew I wanted a second baby and I knew that I wanted it as soon as possible (after 2 MC's in 2013).   I had a clear vision of how the future would unfold, about where we would raise our family and my hobbies and goals, so clear it was like everything was set in stone already.    Now that I got my...
I'm doing okay with food.  Still not getting much pleasure in eating though.  Nothing tastes right still.  I do as many green smoothies as I can, a lot of dates and apples for snacks, olives for snacks.  I am only eating meat 1-2x a week though.  I eat that potato-quinoa-kale soup a lot.  Sometimes I mix it up and order out.  But generally feel like crap after eating restaurant food.     I dunno.  Feeling uninspired by food lately and bored and like nothing really...
I see nothing wrong with waiting to tell for awhile.  Just do what you feel comfortable with.  If I had family acting negatively like that I wouldn't tell them either until I absolutely had to.  
I have the same problem.  It's my biggest complaint about pregnancy right now.  I feel like I have maybe half a brain, if that.  I don't work, am a sahm but I'm a cerebral person and it makes me uncomfortable to be so airheaded.  I definitely have that "inability to finish my sentences" thing going on.  I feel dumb and useless most of the time, honestly.  
  In the exact same position here.  15 weeks...and sometimes I feel...something...?  Sometimes I THINK I feel a flutter?  I have the shifting sensations though I wasn't sure if it was baby or not.   Can't wait for more!!
  That's actually a pretty good idea.  Have the news in a little envelope where I can open it later to find out or throw it away later if I want to keep it a secret fro myself.  I like that.  
Hey ladies,   So now that I'm in the second trimester, I am thinking a lot about what the sex of this baby is.  I wanted so bad to be team yellow and not find out at all, and let it be a surprise, but as time goes on I feel myself getting really anxious about the gender!!!  I already have a sweet adorable little boy already and I guess I worry about it being another boy!  I know that sounds ungrateful and insane but please let me emphasize that I am SO thankful for this...
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