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Now I want cinnamon buns...lol.
My toddler did this before but the baby was younger.  He kneed me hard tonight in the spot right above my pubic bone!  It didn't hurt that bad but of course I'm paranoid now.  (13 weeks)   Any stories from experienced mamas dealing with toddler's kneeing you in the uterus welcomed to ease my mind!  
13.4 weeks...heard the heartbeat...picked a midwife...wrestling with my health insurance...and TOLD EVERYONE!!!  :-D  
I'm going to get one at 20 weeks to check anatomy (but keep gender a surprise).  But just knowing there's a strong heart beating away inside me is so so reassuring.  <3  My son's heartbeat never got above 140!
I heard the heartbeat! !! I met a midwife and she decided to doppler me!! A strong and fast 160+ beats per minute SO HAPPY! !!
My meat aversion is going away.  I especially seem to have an attraction towards eating poultry...although the other day I ate a lovely grassfed hamburger.  I'm also making myself do green smootheis at least 2x a day...bananas + pineapple + spinach + cucumber.   It tastes SO SO GOOD, I feel my body just going nuts for it, but then of course I spend about 2 hours after feeling sick....I don't care though, I can feel my body needs greens, it just really adores the green...
I'm starting to feel desperate for an ultrasound ladies...I have still not chosen a midwife though so it might be awhile still. I have an interview with a midwife later today so we'll see. I want to get this ball rolling.
Hey everyone!  I am good and moved in to a nice 3 bedroom house in Hilo, Hawaii.  It's 5 minutes away from the market, 5 minutes from beaches, and 5 minutes from the university, so a perfect location!!!  I also got a computer virus so that's why I haven't been posting, in addition to getting settled in!     We are LOVING it, I feel like I live in a castle after living under a tarp for years on end!!  Every day my son points at the ceiling and smiles big and says, "House!...
Ooo so happy for you!! Congratulations! ! Such great news.
Hilarious! For me the other night it was a ton of cooked kale...then later: lollipops! They said they were organic though...lolol.
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