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Hm... I think my homebirth to-do list is largely similar to what has been posted. If I'm not already at home, getting home will be step 1.  I work at a hospital so the running joke it labor will start while I'm at work and I'll have to leave the hospital to go home to have the baby. Next up will be rally the support people, so get my husband A home if he isn't already, call our doula, call our midwives to have the apprentice come check on my progress and help set up...
Congratulations!! I can't wait to hear more about your birth!
I'm BreAnna due the 22nd and baby is indeed a girl. 
This is really helpful information everyone, thank you! I started out 34A pre-pregnancy and now I'm on the very last hooks of all my bras and the elastic is getting stretched out. I think it's time to get some new bras... Ha! I definitely don't want to spend too much on bras that won't fit later on so it's good to know that breast size goes down a bit after a while of nursing.
I'd love to join!
I'm planning a homebirth with a ND/MW. This is my second pregnancy but (hopefully!) first baby. We live in an apartment so I've had some concerns about how all that will work, but for the most part I'm feeling really confident about the process. I also plan on having the placenta encapsulated. It's nice to meet everyone! I look forward to going through this journey with you all.
I'm so excited to join you all! I wish I had found this forum sooner.   Name- BreAnna EDD- 02/22/2013 Other Children- None Team- Hoping for pink
I second the recommendation to go very slowly. I tapered off Celexa when we starting TTC under the supervision of a psychiatrist. What I did was very gradually reduce the dose by 5-10mg every two weeks. If at the end of the two week period I was having symptoms of anxiety or depression, I would remain on the same dose until I felt more stable before reducing the dose again. It took three months before I was off of Celexa completely following this method, but ultimately...
I would say bad timing would be missing the day you ovulate or the couple days immediately before ovulation. So if you are having sex every other day I would say that is well within the realm of good timing. Good luck! 
Yes you are doing it right. Charting can be confusing but it looks like you are on the right track! One mistake I made in the beginning was not taking my temperature at the same time daily, it makes a big difference in your chart if you temp even an hour or so outside of the regular window.
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