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My daughter is 2 and is beginning to have own opinions on clothing, which includes that she loves pink and purple. But I shop in both sections. She has a lot of striped boys' Old Navy long sleeve shirts that are soft and cozy. It can be hard to find girls' long sleeve shirts that are basic and don't have scratchy embroidery, ruffles, gathered shoulders, etc - those kind of clothes are good for sometimes but I also like for her to be COMFORTABLE.
An hour here as well! And I did Hypnobabies, which helped a lot!
I agree with the enzymatic cleaner idea! We use Bac-Out spray, which is enzymatic. We also have an old, inexpensive rug in the living room that I would love to replace but I'm just letting it stay there until we're done with this phase.
My daughter needed A LOT of baby proofing! Now that she's 26 months, it's much less of an issue. But I was shocked when we were visiting friends and their son (about 3 months older than our daughter) would play with toys next to computer cords, laptops, piles of mail stacked on the coffee table, remote controls, etc... All this stuff would have been in my daughter's mouth or knocked over/played with. She also would climb on furniture and roll off, or push chairs around and...
I didn't take FCLO during pregnancy (I wish I had, though - great that you're going to!) but I do take it now, when I can afford it! I think that Green Pasture is the best brand out there. I have taken the liquid oil in "Cinnamon Tingle" flavor because it's the most palatable to me. They send it with a little applicator thing that kind of shoots it down your throat. I usually have a glass of water and some olives afterward to mask the taste (my husband thinks that cinnamon...
Just to be aware that Nux Vomica contains strychnine, which is a poison.   http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-58-NUX%20VOMICA.aspx?activeIngredientId=58&activeIngredientName=NUX%20VOMICA
I can relate to what you're saying. My daughter is almost 2. I love her very much and I do feel like we've bonded, but it took awhile. I don't feel gushy about parenthood the way some people do, at least not in the way those quotes describe. It has been very intense and interesting but definitely not euphoric. I definitely hear what jmarroq is saying above. I went back to work part-time 3 months after she was born and definitely have had PPD. In the first year it was...
My naturopath also recommended 5HTP and I am still breastfeeding. She told me it was safe, but I was concerned after reading more about it online. I also had HORRIBLE obsessive anxiety while taking it. And I would sleep well while I was asleep.... but then I would wake up in the middle of the night and my mind would be racing! I stopped taking it after 6 days, The naturopath then got my bloodwork back and saw that I have extremely low progesterone levels (level 1!) and...
I second the Stride Rite recommendation. We don't have this exact pair, but the Stride Rites with the kind of thin, flexible sole as pictured here http://www.amazon.com/Stride-Rite-SRT-SM-Viola/dp/B008KKJ2A6/ref=pd_sbs_shoe_13 are great!
I wrote a whole response thinking that this was about a nine MONTH baby, not a NINE WEEK old baby! Totally misread that part of the post! Nursing on demand is definitely normal. Some babies will be more nurse-centric than others and want to stay latched night and day, others may need reminders to nurse every two hours or so. Either is OK! Keep up the good work!
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