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Being American and pregnant while living in a culture that advertises abortion on tv, I'd have to say the MOST offensive question, asked three times by three different doctors was "do you want to keep it?" Another was when I heard the heartbeat for the first time and started crying they asked, "are you ok? Why are you sad?" Clearly tears of joy people!
I finished Anne Frank, Diary of a young girl and also The Cat Who Covered thevWorld by foreign corresponded Christopher Wren. It was ok, but after reading Anne Frank I discovered all these books I have by Primo Levi, an Italian Jew who spent 20 months in Auschwitz. I finished If This Be A Man which is about his time there and am now reading The Truce about his life immediately after and his road back home to Italy. Extremely good books.
The china part I'm not concerned with. If we are in the US at that time, we'd be in California. In China we can work around requirements pretty easy.
It sounds like you are doing a ton of things to help lo breathing. My dd had something similar around 4 months. I'm sorry your ped is not supportive. I've been in that situation. If it doesn't improve, I'd take lo to the dr because of being 3 mos. I ended up taking my dd to dr and brought my mother and husband for support and a untied front. We do all natural remedies too, but her cough and breathing were not getting better.
In China, vaccine related injuries and deaths are being reported like never before. Even news articles. They admit the injuries and deaths are vac related. I was shocked to read about it. It has helped when defending my stance with my inlaws .
I have so many books on my shelf I have never read. I read The Black Stallion in Jan and half of The Diary of Anne Frank. Upon finishing Anne Frank I will be reading The Cat who Covered the World.
My dd is 17 months and weighs 20lbs. She's developing so amazingly so I chose not to worry. She has a unique birth story which is why she's small, but I sometimes go into panic mode and think she needs to eat more than she is (a few bites each meal sometimes) but then I have to remember she isn't a huge baby with a big appetite and she nurses a lot. It's only been the last week she's actually interested in food and wants it and seems to like it. Before she was just not...
I have a question. My dd is not 2 yet but I am thinking...is there a form you print out and add to the school paperwork? I'm thinking religious exemption is better than philosophical. Like it is harder to fight. But my faith doesn't actually have anything to do with my non vac status. My decision is research based. So when you say you are not vaxing for religious reasons, do you have to say what your faith has to do with it or do you just say "religious belief"? I know...
I agree with all the moms. Don't stop taking your vitamins. My baby is now 17 mos and when she starts seeming like she has a cold I myself take echinacea and loads of vit c as well. We are big hand washers. And encourage all our guests to wash hands and keep hand sanitizer on us everywhere we go.
My aunt has gotten the flu shot since it came out and now has SERIOUS dementia. Definitely related!
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