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So glad you and your baby are OK!
I would like to join! My ds is 7 months and dh and I have been going back and forth about ttc #2. We still haven't made up our mind lol. I have had af very inregulary since ds was 4 weeks old. So I have no idea where in my cycle I am and so on.
Mason loves broccoli! I can't believe he will be 6 months already in a week! I love seeing all of these pictures!
Sorry I never saw that you guys replied to me! I can't get my hands high enough behind my back to wrap him! And he is such a wiggle worm.... I'm so jealous seeing all of you wrapping on your back successfully!
I love my hair. Showers take 5 min and alli have to do it brush it. No styling no nothing. Love. Here we are do you have a friend that could cut your hair? You could find a picture online of the cut you like and when you go to the stylist you could say you only have your baby sitter fora little while so that they focus on getting it done instead of chatting.
I honestly have been using my shower head. Then when the big chunk of poop plops out i have been taking toilet paper, wiping it up and putting it into the toilet. I ordered a diaper sprayer online but it hasn't even shipped yet.... so in the meantime shower it is. Mason is probably25% formula fed but I didn't really notice a change in poop until solids.
I love seeing all of our babies! Can you believe my too long ago we were posting pictures of our belly?
I can't figure out how to wrap on my back by myself. So frustrated! I want to try that hip carry rainbownurse!
Congrats! I ready for #2! Now I just have to very hubby on board... Little guy is5 months!
Hi I'm just wondering how it turned it for you? My son is doing the exact same thing and it is driving us crazy! We don't know what to do anymore!
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