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I love the EVCO!  It's getting crazy expensive now, but it's soooo good for you that I think it should be a staple in every pantry!  I find that a little goes a long way too as far as rubbing into my skin (I just use it on my belly and then the rest of my body gets regular lotion, to make it last longer).  I'm also trying it out on my face now to hopefully help my complexion (the acne is out of control these days) by cleansing w/a mixture of raw honey and EVCO, with no...
Hi everyone!  I turned 39 today, and am in my 15th week with our first child (due late July/early Aug).  I was nowhere near ready for children until my DH came along in 2009.  We had 2 losses in 2010, but are very optimistic about this pregnancy.  Yes, doctors remind me all the time of my age making me 'high risk' but I am happier and healthier now than ever.  Life has an interesting way of playing itself out, and I am excited and ready for this new chapter to begin!
Ahhhh, yes, we need this thread!  Going into 2nd trimester feeling "better" and looking pregnant, but not yet feeling movement, so it's hard to be fully conscious of the amazing life that's growing inside my body right now!  Now that I have my energy back and am no longer queasy, I feel recharged to take the best possible care of mama and baby.  Ready to get some fresh air and excercise, do some yoga.....  :) 
Wooohooo!!  <3
Hi Praire Girl!  Where in Winnipeg do you live?  I'm new to Winnipeg/Canada, and live in Crescentwood/River Heights.  In my 15th week....  :)
Oh and a glass of warm water with half a lemon squeezed + honey, FIRST thing in the morning!  Keeps me moving like clockwork!
For all of you unfortunately constipated ladies, might want to try this:  sit in a low squatting position (like with your feet wide apart and butt all the way down but not touching the floor) and hang out like that for as long as you can.  Try reading, or browsing on the computer at the coffee table in this squat.  If your legs get too tired, you can lean against the couch or wall for support.  I know it sounds strange, but anytime I'm in this position for more than 5...
Hoooray for you ladies feeling better!   I'm just over 14 wks and now crave an outdoor walk more so than a nap.  I still wake up 2x night, mostly to go pee, but seem to be able to get settled in between.  I'm wondering when we're no longer supposed to be sleeping on our backs?
Ohhh, I think I might have that papular dermatitis thing going too.....We just got back from Jamaica and I had assumed it was just heat/sun rash all over my body (plus super dried out skin now that I am back in the cold super-dry climate).  Will have to keep an eye on this...   I'm starting to rub coconut oil on my belly as my skin is so dry and almost cracking - NO stretch marks, please!!!  And drinking plenty of water for that reason too.....   Hope most of you...
Ewww, I have the hemp protein powder as well, Texasmom.... it's like sawdust!!  Hard to get down even in a frozen smoothie, but maybe it might work in some baked muffins in place of bran or other ingredients of that texture....   Veritas.... great list, thank you!
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