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Thank you so much for your insights! It helped me greatly!!!
Thank you so much for your response. Yes, I have visited them both and they both seem very good. My daughter is extremely bright and innovative, and VERY social. She talks and talks to everyone she meets. She also seems to have a natural ability for art & engineering, because she loves to draw constantly as well as create "sculptures" as she calls them by finding little objects around the house or even outside, and then taping/gluing the pieces together to make other...
Hello,   My daughter will be entering kindergarten this coming Fall, and the school we are zoned for is terrible, so she won't be going there. Now I have entered the lovely world of magnet, charter, and private school applications. The thing I am stumped on, though, is for the public magnet option. There is a montessori option as well as a dual language Spanish immersion option. Both are rated very highly (the Spanish rated slightly higher). I have always dreamed of...
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