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Ok, so not effectively vaccinated as in the vaccine didn't and probably never will work for them for one reason or another so you can booster til the cows come home and it won't make a difference for those 10% of the population. LOL, well except if you're part of the 10% for whom it just won't work....or if you happen to be one of the unlucky vaccinated individuals who STILL contracts it for whatever reason because the vaccine just isn't all that effective.... Huh?  So...
Mandatory = piss people off (latin I'm sure lol)
that would be delicious!
 I knew there had to be better wording lol
Never been asked that by a ped....actually if there is no underlying concern/outwards symptoms, many of the baseline levels mean zilch on their own.  To get a specific picture of anything you need specific testing and that doesn't come up on standard bloodwork.  I'd ask more specifically what it was they were looking for with those results.  Easy way to make a mountain out of a molehill is to get some random info and nothing to tie it into, YKWIM?
So many other countries are getting it right, or at least doing so much better than we are in the US....totally makes me want to research into my grandfathers family tree and see who we've go for relatives still in Norway or Denmark just to get away from the crap here!
The thread in question could have very easily been moderated by removing or asking for an edit on 2 comments that were personal attacks on her character - everything else was general discussion and a few responses to the 2 offenders.  I know there was controversy over age - so are we not allowed to discuss general characteristics either?  Age doesn't have to imply talking about a specific person, and the thread (myself included) offered up many suggestions about how age...
I'm not up on the circ lingo, but I do know that not one of his posts have been respectful in the naming department.  The mature thing to do would be to sit by and read a few threads and posts first to get the gist of how things are, test the waters so to speak.  But not jump right in with the insults.  I don't care what kind of info you are sharing, if you pepper it with insults it is not likely to met with open arms.  Kind of like telling someone you support them,...
It does take it a step further.....from someone who opposes something personally to someone who actively goes out of their way to show their opposition.
It's understandable!  There's another thread ongoing and I can't recall what forum but about someone's kid having hives that coincide with each round of illness. So lots of potentials here.  Will the doc let you call in and talk him through what's going on over the phone then see what he thinks?  I know my ND has mentioned numerous time I can call her up at any hour to get advice, and while not all are that willing to go out of their way maybe you'll get lucky!
New Posts  All Forums: