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It does seem it's only that age group for first timers, but also says if you can't prove 2 in a prior year (for the under 8) they would automatically do 2 this year, BUT I too have heard the waning immunity argument and pushing for changes to 2 a year in adults - and this does follow in step with every other vaccine - start with babies who can't say no, who's parents feel backed into a corner in terms of needing to listen to what doctors say to protect their babies, and...
Success....until it fails!
You know what I also like is this particular recommendation:Seriously, do people plan vaccinations around pregnancy and vise versa?!  "Oh gee I plan to become pregnant during this upcoming flu season I should make sure to inform my HCP of this and not get the Live attenuated influenza vaccine". 
It made it's first appearance on the 2013 schedule but it's also on the 2014 version:  http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/downloads/child/0-18yrs-schedule.pdf
And you know what, there have been dozens of other studies since Wakefield that DO show a relation between vaccines and Autism and yet the pro-vaxxers still continue to jump on the anti-Wakefield bandwagon and parrot the same old information.  If these people were so informed - as they claim to be, because only those who vax are truly informed - they would be updating their library and reading the more current info.  But no, they sweep it under the rug, pretend it doesn't...
Considering the change in recommendation from 1 flu vax to 2 per year is already in place it's sadly not surprising.
I work for a town municipality, 2 floors up from the Health Department, and trust me it's crossed my mind about whether or not they would begin to implement even a flu shot requirement.
 Well when you do let me know and I shall remotely join just in case this crap legislation makes it's way to CT!
Anyone up for starting a religion?
I love iherb, great prices and a good selection!  Currently working of a few bottles of Vitacost brand ascorbic acid which we convert to SA with baking soda - waste not want not! But once we finally run out (I got it on sale, so quite a bit to go) I'll be looking at the stuff on iherb to restock.  That's where I get my methyl-b12.
New Posts  All Forums: