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Yah, that, especially the bolded
Nice catch and edit with the removal of "among all of them" where I bolded because even you know that not ALL of these experts agree about the safety and efficacy. And I think the point was, no one makes parents jump through hoops to vaccinate; you don't have to watch a slideshow, take an online test, or print out a certificate proving you've been educated about vaccines.  You simply go in and get vaccinated.  If the system treated all equally, non vaxxing parents would...
We received two of these in the mail.  The first was a completely open faced postcard that anyone could read.  I reported it as being a HIPPA violation, never tracked it, never heard anything about it.  Second one came and a sealed (funny how it changed), but again I reported it as a violation because there is a clause that says you may not use personal information for purposes of marketing - using mailings to suggest someone seek out a doctor for a vaccine which you...
LOL yah I stopped reading and did a double take at that remark.  They are going to just tear her apart - she was a pseudo reality tv star on Laguna Beach or The Hills or maybe both?  Bunch of overpriviledge So Cal kids in high school and beyond, and while I found most of them to be oblivious and shallow from what little I saw while browsing, I don't think it's impossible to think they could do any legit research to make the decision to not vax, but that's the spin the...
The grocery store has infants as well...should I avoid that?  It's the responsibility of the parent to decide risks for their child and if you have a immunocompromised child or infant too young to be vaxxed and you knowingly take hem somewhere that viruses could be lurking you are taking a risk - own up to that risk, don't blame someone else or expect them to cater to you.
I have no problem hearing from both sides.  I have a HUGE problem when one side bashes the other consistently and relentlessly as a bunch of quacks.  I have a huge problem when that side uses fear to force and opinion on people...that's not exactly sharing and playing nice, it's manipulative.   Make me want to avoid that side more than listen to it.
So you are saying they know for a fact someone who was unvaxxed is the cause of this? Or is this all just speculation because god forbid they accept that vaccines do in fact shed and it could have been a recently vaxxed kid leaving the office who spread it......   Because you can still transmit diseases for which you are vaccinated making it a moot point - the vaccinated can spread just as much as the unvaxxed.
Well if you look at my post above you can get an idea for what's on these slides, the first section anyways. I kept my speakers off so who knows what they were saying along with it!
Ok this is the link I was looking for earlier, it's out of the CDC pinkbook, has some percentages and numbers on there: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/meas.pdf
My DD was stripping by 15mos for a while, then by 2 she was pretty interested in the potty so we swapped her crib rail for the toddler rail with a potty next to her bed and she was in undies night and day.  Few accidents in the beginning, she still requests a diaper for pooping, but overall it's worked out well.  She did have a potty scare at 15mos via my pushy FIL so naked time and using the potty for a week regressed.  Second time around I didn't do naked time for her,...
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