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Ugh.  It's truly sad that these are personal opinions being pushed on people.Ok personal opinions and just plain old ignorance.  And seriously HOW do you make an informed decision to force people to comply with some mandate when you don't even KNOW about all sides of the story - how can anyone in the vaccine legislation realm not know about VICP?!  That right there should be illegal.  You're all for forcing people to vax, but you've got no clue that vaccines can be...
I have a variety of oils, the tea tree we currently use is Desert Essence and the Lavender is Whole Foods Brand, I've also got some Aura Cacia and Mountain Rose.
I can totally see this happening and it goes something like this....."would you say no to this poor starving kitten?  Every time you skip a vaccine a kitten dies....do it for the kittens!"  Take that you fear mongering spies!
We do lavender and tea tree in the bath.  DD is 28mos and VERY independent, so anything that she can't do herself, she wants so desperately to do that she fights us.  She did have a labial adhesion at like 9mos which resolved itself and occasionally DH worries about her not "getting clean" but I've not been worried - just some essential oils in the tub and she's good to go.  She doesn't love being wiped, but she's learned to tolerate it for now.
That was my favorite line from the whole thing - "It is not the liberty of Dr. Offit, or any manufacturer researcher or government public health official, or any MD, to decide for you what is an acceptable level of risk for your child".  Damn straight!
 Lie to the people - it's sooo much better!  um....so how do you say you prevented 20 million of something for which you have no numbers to go off of? I mean you cannot unequivocally claim that without vaccination 20 million people would have presented with these diseases and that with absolute certainty 42,000 would have died....Funny, no mention of societal cost for raising an entire generation of mentally and physically ill children into adulthood, what with all the...
But that would mean admitting vaccine injuries exist and might add a notch in the belt of "vaccines being relate to autism"...
Thanks guys! Will pass info along.  She sent me a message today about how the hospital staff told her the current flu vax wouldn't have made a difference even if she had gotten it bc it doesn't contain H1N1 and that the current vax is ineffective this year as the circulating strain most common is same as 1950's so they clearly guessed wrong formulating that one!
Insurance companies have a huge role in this and are making it very hard for people to make personal choices.  There's a pediatrician about 40mins from me who was known for quite some time as the most vax friendly office in the state - from select/delayed to no vax, she was the one to see.  When DD was born I thought about going there in spite of the drive but found what seemed like a good alternative.  Well turns out they probably wouldn't have accepted her as a new...
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