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Speaking of ice cream, I'm eating some homemade stuff right now...of the coconut milk variety! I did love ice cream, but giving up dairy because of DD's sensitivities (and my own) brought me to the world of coconut milk ice cream and OMG it's heavenly
We just left our original ped for a naturopath - best decision ever! Sounds like you've got a healthy LO so keep it up!
A shot of polysorbate 80 with breakfast for me please, mmmm!
Since many activities differ when you have a LO that eats or at least samples everything (like ours at that age!!) I can give you things that have worked for us.   1. Water play has always been huge for DD and I would put my large crock pot (the ceramic portion) on a towel, on the tile floor, filled with water.  I'd strip her down to her cloth diaper, give her a few spoons and cups and just let her go to town, from scooping, to pouring, to climbing right on in! ...
LOL I had a rough morning with the FIL so I'm a bit punchy at the moment haha!
I get more and more bothered by this anti-vaccine label as time goes on.  The only think I'm *anti* is in them taking away my freedom to make decisions for myself.  And that goes for ANY topic - drugs, vaccines, seatbelts, abortion, gay marriage - all these hot topic items that are constantly being split into two black and white groups and it's not at all the case!  Very little in life is black and white and I'll be damned if someone is going to regulate everything right...
Sounds like back pedaling....like someone didn't like what they were seeing and poof! Opinions change on a dime.
Arthur, kids cartoon on PBS, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxWAIna9Pfc  not incredibly old, I can remember watching this one while babysitting in my teens - dad clearly says "It's just a normal childhood illness" and while they talk about it being very contagious they make no effort to keep the baby out of the room!  IMDB puts this at 1996/1997.
I did Vit C with DD when she had a cold at 4mos - I got the baby drops, and I think I had her up to 2000mg a day - far more than the "recommended dosage" on the label but I knew she would eliminate what she didn't need.  I also hit the C hard myself - somewhere around 10,000mg - to help her out while nursing.  Steam, nose frida, elevated head while sleeping....basically what you are doing.  We did have a humidifier...an antibacterial, antimold....what load of crap! That...
So where they have the perfect opportunity to study entire groups of mostly unvaxxed individuals who lack many of the health problems we see in developed countries (aside from the issues they still have which we've all but eliminated with sewage treatment and clean drinking water) they're gonna take the opposite track and completely avoid the topic of vaccine reaction altogether. Isn't that special.
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