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Whether you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, join local natural-birth friendly OB/GYN and the doula staff of Wombkeepers for a fun and interactive event that will teach you: How to emotionally connect with your baby and nurture your baby throughout pregnancy How to nourish your body and your baby Natural ways to maintain wellness and balance Excercises in pregnancy that can prepare your body for an easier labor   Saturday, June 30th at...
Just wondering how you are going to get the info...from docs or the hospitals? I think it is a great project (being an OB who is very proud of my low section rate ;) However, I could see other docs either not knowing their rate or "guessing" a maybe less than accurate rate. 
Hi all expecting or soon to be expecting mommies, we are having our "Experience a Holistic Pregnancy" talk again May 1 from 7 to 9pm, as part of our effort to educate the community about a more natural way to go through pregnancy and help moms begin to think about what they might want their birth to be like. Program is fun and informative and focuses on nutrition, comfort and strengthening exercises, meditation, and connecting with your baby. Taught by natural birth...
It is definitely hard to find a doc who would be pro VBAC with two prior C/S as the risk of rupture goes up with each prior C/S and that ACOG recs are not really decisive about whether it this is a safe cadidate, but not impossible. But make sure you are at a hospital with 24hr anesthesia and an OB in house in case of emergency (just FYI...Mountainside does not)
I also love mine...Dr. Ritter. She is absolutely fabulous.
I work in Montclair (am trying to move there...currently live the next town over) and I second what the previous poster said. We have our daughter in the Co-op school and it is amazing. There are many many NYC transplants who find it a little slower pace but still palatable after living in the city. Definitely a family friendly town with great culture, restaurants, and charm. Maplewood is also totally lovely...also granola...I would love to live there but it is just a...
Hi there all expecting mommies or soon to be expecting mommies... There is a free talk going on in Montclair on January 31 at 7:30pm that you might be interested in:   Experiencing a Holistic Pregnancy First United Methodist Church  24 N. Fullerton Ave. Montclair, NJ   Call or email to RSVP: essexwomens@gmail.com or 973-744-2226   Anyone is welcome!     
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