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  ****certain**** experts.... like experts in aluminum be ignored.... 
right because people never just read/lurk....    btw stik, I found that .gov link just for you since you objected to my lazya&$ putting up the first biased google link and not the real root.
I just think the only purpose of research is to fuel arguments, maybe not initially, but certainly now.   So we can try to pretend kumbaya is the goal around here, but I don't think we should kid ourselves.
have you not been around? so much for playing nice...    Conflicts of interest in vaccine safety research http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22375842       and on the subject of Paul Offit:   http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CHRG-106hhrg73042/html/CHRG-106hhrg73042.htm     ...along with all the other $$/conflicts of interest in fda and cdc committees... in that link, or if you would like the highlighted...
 ok you guys.   Rach, btw wildkingdom and abby don't care for research forum sticking around, not just non-vaxers. keep it straight please.
  hahaha where can I write to have my medal sent??? I never got one? Maybe I should start bragging?
ok i'm crazy, but i have major control issues. for me, ncb in home setting would allow me to have as much control as is actually controllable.... (yeah i know birth can throw a lot of curveballs, but no policies to fight, no birth plans to worry about, no ppl i have to hire to advocate for me, can eat, drink, move, do what i want, puke as many times as i want, don't have to worry about anyone ignoring my wishes, can catch my own baby, etc)    i guess my answer is...
that could be a helpful thread stik, (probably contentious too)... but sounds like research forum will stay... which means that that thread would get buried under another 12 pertussis threads pretty much saying the same thing... the aspects of so and so study are crappy because... and here's an interesting biased article with 5 people waiting to tear it apart..
doubt it. only if it is a one-sided echo-chamber. too irresistible to challenge... like what if I start putting up natural news, mercola, gaia, age of autism links daily??? no one is gonna say anything? (don't even read those sites but man I know they piss some of you off)
arguing is awesome for posting# and pageviews! I just think it is ridiculous to pretend it is about "education" and helping ppl make an "informed choice" (research forum) really, if we are all being at least semi-reasonable, we could agree on like maybe 2 books and 3 websites (random numbers)... everything else is going to get picked apart and argued, etc.... but I guess it is activity
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