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  scrap it and move everything back to main forum. ppl were telling me about wiki articles or something? Could have one full of links for starting research...
haha kumbaya is out i think. oddly most of us seem to agree Research forum is not a good idea.
...so NO name calling (here), and let's discuss what to do with Research subforum....   if anyone wants to pm me with the other forums that include half of the members here copying/pasting and mocking, I would be more than interested...
natural infection (measles, mumps, rubella) generally gives lifelong immunity. 
The only thing I can say is I agree not to partcipate in name calling.
I stated "P portion does not have very good efficacy," not *much efficacy*... although I suppose "very good" is relative... I do not consider 59-85% to be "very good" compared to some other vaccines that have 95%.
yeah I guess it's better to be naive... Kathymuggle is right, I think people who post here should know.
I'm implying people involved in this discussion.   Sorry Mosaic, I will stop.    Doubt I will ever view the environment here as anything close to "good"
well I've seen at least 4 that are around here some/all of the time, and they admit what post on mdc is theirs... so... 
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