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Ok I was starting to feel less cranky, but then I did go to TWWS and now I see exactly how you guys feel about me and what I post... it's so nice and fun you have such a place to discuss certain posters/threads here.   I wish I knew how to start an internet forum... I would call it trolls with aluminum spoons... so you know, I could have a nice place with all my "friends" to discuss people I don't agree with, with all the people that agree with me. 
So assuming you are on the of 15-41% you would theoretically need another booster for P for coverage more than you would for the more effective T, although that is rec. every 10 years. T may wear off or need 10 yr boosters, but P is likely to never work in the first place is what I am saying.
I suggested mod because as far as I understood it... we were overwhelming the one assigned here... particularly on Monday mornings 
  If I am remembering right the only T is for 7+ and contains thimerosal.    There are adult and pediatric versions of Td, I believe both contain trace thimerosal and aluminum.   Pedi DTaP has just aluminum, plus trace thimerosal depending on the brand.    Adult Tdap is newer, and is only approved for 10-11 yrs+ depending on brand. I think tetanus rec is once every 10 years?  P portion does not have a very good efficacy... T and D have much better.    The two brands of...
I don't think the Starting Research forum should remain. I have seen many new posters (who appear new to vax issue research) post in non, sel, or main vax forums, not the Starting Research Forum, asking questions about starting research   My standard line is Dr. Sears book, or start researching vpd/vax one by one in order that most concern/interest. Most people, when being even handed also say CDC pink book. I don't know why that needs a whole forum.   Yesterday...
I have to go now, I will be back later. Rrrrachel I am also sorry if I said things that offended you while I felt I was being unfairly provoked and accused.
well I am glad we are discussing things here because you are right, it got to fever pitch with the huge elephant in the room.
  I'm mad I unfairly got the brunt of it. I'm glad it got removed. I'm not going to feel very happy or respected here, and I'm not sure whether I should leave or not. I will not name-call other posters though, or make snarky implications about them. I try to never do that, and the one time I know I offended someone (you Abby), I apologized to you. 
My  on the researching vax forum... It is backfiring in its intent (to be not overwhelming place for those beginning research)...   I think posters around here more extreme in their views often feel the "other" side is trying to mislead newbies... whether or not that is true or fair... that is what I see happening in posting there, and probably why discussions there get heated, even though they are not supposed to.   With the exception of a few threads, most of...
  I got full out attacked for "persecuting" you because we often disagree and post about it.   ETA: So then it is ok to say these general statements?   "I like real science, not sales lines from pharma companies"?  or " I see fully vaccinating your kid as incredibly stupid"?
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