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  it seems to me, the shill thing was a fairly recent development?   here's some recent ones (off the top of my head, not including more subtle jabs/implications):   but I see refusing any standard vaccinations for your children as incredibly selfish. I like real science, not conspiracy theories.... It may be an anti-vax forum, but it should not be an anti-intelligent discussion forum.  There are certain posters who are pretty well intolerable And really, if I want a...
they have T, Td, and Tdap for adults. You can get it while pregnant if you wanted.
  are you joking? Do I have to post examples?
  because it happens ALL of the time, with NO reprecussion. 
which forum? whole vax forum or the researching vax subforum?   I doubt MDC would do that, this forum is getting a lot of action.
So, what is exactly the deal here?   Acceptable:  calling non-vaxers - selfish, conspiracy theorists, crazy, anti-intellectual, not understanding science, intolerable, incredulous...   Not Acceptable: calling pro-vaxers shills and pointing out that *if* they are posting on TWWS and *if* people knew about it, it wouldn't foster good feelings here?
    HAHAHAHAHAHA... if they implemented that strategy while I was a college student, I would be vaxed to the max right now!
Cheeky comment about looney doesn't even start to amount to the things said in the last few weeks... "selfish," "anti-intellectual," "intolerable," "conspiracy theorists," not understanding science, etc. it adds up, and is not being taken down or apologized for, (nevermind the actual "child abuser" troll posts that DO get removed). And it's great to know that possibly people are copying and pasting things on a site created with the primary purpose of mocking MDC....
Vaccine for Children and eligibility parameters can be found here: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/programs/vfc/default.htm   I don't know about state and local programs... I am not living in the US at the moment.    Looks like that happens too, this is what came up first for me in google:   JACKSON, Miss. - In recognition of National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW), the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) is offering free routine immunizations for...
Well here are some links about Mumps/vaccine failure (either primary or secondary or both). Seems like no matter how many people are covered with 1 or 2 MMRs, it is never enough! I don't think they regularly give adults MMR, especially those who had the natural infections as children... I think most of the adults vax are Tdap, flu, shingles, etc.?     Mumps resurgences in the United States: A historical perspective on unexpected...
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