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I don't post on more than one board. This one takes up way to much of my time as is.   I realize everything we write here is viewable and searchable... but in so far as "toxic environment" on this board... knowing that people posting and discussing things with you here are mocking you regularly behind your back, well that doesn't exactly foster much respect.    I'm very glad someone told me about it. I haven't gone there because I'm sure I'd blow a gasket for real.
  Federally funded Vaccines For Children program (CDC) provides no cost vaccines for under/un-insured/medicaid and eligible children can receive everything ACIP recommends.
and sometimes reliable statistics do not exist
yeah, people posting on TWWS wouldn't really aid to the good feelings around here... although I'm not a member there so I don't know firsthand...
Sorry, I edited,    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9142061 with 20% arthropathy placebo and 30% arthropathy vax, the placebo was saline. 276 and 270 for sample sizes, respectively, all postpartum.
Taxi, it varied... they discounted some studies because they did not indicate duration or had reporting flaws...   One study (not listed) states it lasted for up to 8 days... Merck insert says can occur up to months/years, rarely.   ETA: the last study I listed, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC264812/?page=2 10 who had a problem, (27%  10/37) 6 had single transient episode of arthralgia, and 4 had overt arthritis (in various joints), and those 4 all...
Well I got to the relevant part of it... some interesting things... did you know the Mumps strand in the current vax is from a guy named Jeryl Lynn Hilleman, isolated from his throat in the 1960s?   and this is very interesing:   So that pretty much plummets the fatality rate... 400,000 reported cases is consistent with this:    http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/G/cases&deaths.pdf    which puts the deaths at 300-600/year... (and it is commonly...
yeah i found where you can see it for free
ahh ok you said the 2nd would be better, so I didn't go to first   ETA $79.95...   yeah, I'll go with Merck's 12-26% rate...   which to me is a bit more than "some evidence" 
Glad everyone is doing better. If you were interested, I know lots of links confirming that the mumps portion of MMR does tend to wear off after a while. There are no adult boosters.... for now!   Hope you can find a dr. who will treat you respectfully!
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