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well it looks like what you linked is the entirety... where is the rest? where would they explain that?   JAMA. 2011;306(13):1427-1428   appears it is one page long...   so I don't know how I can realistically take this statement:   They found less convincing evidence linking the vaccines to other events. For example, they found some evidence that the MMR vaccine can cause temporary joint pain in some women and children.     over that of Merck's, or...
So I wonder what studies they looked at that concluded arthrtitis and arthralgia occur less than what Merck states?    Because without seeing that, I don't know how to quantify "some." 
  I don't think a buncha moms commenting on MDC can effectively conclude how often serious side effects occur, when even scientific community is not in agreement. Everything we do here is speculation.
Well maybe I am not understanding that link correctly, can you explain?    
"If an adult were injected with something that made him scream uncontrollably for hours, that wouldn't be considered normal or benign."   Adults can vocalize their symptoms and reactions...  Previously DTP and after DTaP were not used on older children/adults. Either they react more than babies, or they just complain/communicate more effectively. I wonder which is the case, or both??    
ok. That explains no differences in criteria. I don't know what Sears discusses, probably why they use fever...crying...swelling... etc.? as the list of effects they look at in clinical trials?   Merck's own criteria and that of two different studies by different researchers they reference puts arthritis/arthralgia at 12-26% of teen and adult women.   I wonder what IOM's criteria lends to "some" 5% 12% 25%, 50%?  
Lent out my copy. He really discusses how IOM's criteria for arthritis and arthralgia differs from Merck's and that of the two studies ref'd by Merck?   That is the info I was inquiring about.
which vaccine book?
  I wonder where that information would be available? IOM's definition of arthritis and arthralgia (in multiple studies since this is a review of 1000+) vs. Merck's and the two studies ref'd in the Merck document.   Funny how Merck would exxagerate how bad their vaccine is. I mean, they can't get sued for it anyway!
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