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Depends on the definition of "overdoing", lol...I don't think so? All I do is take care of my baby, and run dishes/laundry if I have a free second or two. Could emotional/mental stress do the same thing?
Weirdest thing ever. I had just barely stopped bleeding from giving birth a few days before. Then on Saturday I start bleeding again, with all the usual AF symptoms...cramps, headache, tender boobs, moody, and gassy. I am not breastfeeding, unfortunately, but could this seriously be my period, already? Next question, am I fertile already then too? Anyone have any advice about this? So confusing.
Congrats Broody! She's beautiful! I'm so happy for you, wonderful baby, wonderful birth!
My water broke! I am SO excited about this. Holy Crap, I'm going to have a baby today. Can't wait to meet my baby girl! 
Where do you buy peribottles? I can't find one.
Ooo, what emotional signs does it talk about? Or do you have links to that info if you don't know? I'm interested. :)
See, that's just the thing. I really have no way of telling when labor will start...I've been told it will most likely be a "diagnosis in hindsight". Well, that's helpful. Let's see...American Pregnancy Association signs of labor. Lightening? check. Mucous plug? check. Nesting? check. Contractions? check. Consistent? yes. Do they start in the back, radiate to the front and down the thighs? yes. Does change of activity slow or stop them? no. The only things the...
I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one with this problem. It's a real concern for me! Last week they were 3 min apart, lasting a minute and a half, for 7 hours. I really hope I get a clear indication...but what if I don't? I feel like I completely cannot use contractions as an indication of labor. I'm kind of in the mindset that when my water breaks, then I'll know, but what if it breaks and then I need to start pushing right away? It actually makes me feel kind of...
I have no idea how dilated or effaced I may be, but I have been losing globs of mucous plug the past couple days. Been having more or less constant contrax the past two weeks...they're mostly inconsistent, except for about twice a day. Usually they get strong and regular from 2am until 7 am, about 4-5 min apart lasting a minute. Then they go away. Usually in late afternoon they get regular/close again, and then fizzle out again. They start in the back and go around to...
I had to take my ring off two days ago. Or rather, had DH pull it off because it was stuck on the swelling and I couldn't get it. That sucks, I love wearing my ring!  I wonder how soon after delivery I'll be able to wear it again.
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