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How many cloth wipes do you use per diaper change? How many if it's a poopy diaper, on average? I'm sewing my wipes, and wondering how many to do. I'm thinking of having in stock 2 wipes/diaper...is that a good amount to sew? Advice anyone?
I'm assuming it's something like that. I tend to be open minded and not discount the unlikely just because it's unlikely. That's why I was wondering. It's probably just one in there being very active. However, I will really be laughing at myself if I do end up with a surprise twin on delivery day. :)
Sometimes when I feel hiccups, I'll feel little kicks and hits with them. But the kicks/hits are always at the same time as the hiccup. This felt different. It was two different rhythms, one stronger with accompanying kicks, and one softer with only occasional kicks, more like squirmy feelings with it. I don't know. I have a bit of a feeling it might be more than one...but then, this is my first baby, so maybe I just don't know how it all feels yet. But the movement...
I swear I'm feeling two different sets of fetal hiccups right now. As far as I know, I'm carrying only one baby. But then I get these odd movement patterns sometimes, and I just felt a really weird set of hiccups. I'd feel one pattern of them down low by my pelvis, and another one on a different rhythm up by my ribs. What the heck could be causing that? Could I have a surprise set of twins in there?
I seem to have the opposite thing going than all of you mamas. I'm measuring exactly on target, but carrying very small. People on the street can tell I'm pregnant, but when they ask how far along I am and hear the response (31 weeks, or 8 months), they just can't believe it. I wish I had a nickle for every time I've heard "but you're so small/little/tiny!" I swear, I'd have a whole college fund put aside by now, I hear it so often.    ...my apologies for the...
First of all, .   Yes, bipolar disorder is hereditary. It's something of a 1 in 3 chance that a child will inherit it if only one parent has Bipolar. However, the degree of severity is variable, your child may not have as hard of a time as your husband if the bipolar is inherited.   Do you have power of attorney over your husband? That can give you the legal power to require he be committed to a mental hospital to begin treatment. If not, I would suggest calling...
Question is the title. Does anyone know where to get forms for birth certificate/social security numbers? And do I need a doctor-certified proof of pregnancy to get the birth certificate? I live in CO, btw.   Thanks!
What length would you recommend tying off the cord to?
I get the build-up hardening too! Also distracting is baby being active while you're building up to it. I find it interesting that the strongest, longest lasting BH are linked to orgasm. Even just feeling arousal can cause them too. Just gentler ones.
So I'm pregnant with my first baby, and am planning to UC. I have a couple of maybe silly questions that I was hoping some veteran UC mamas could help me with.   First one has to do with cleaning up baby after she's born. As in washing off any vertex, blood, ect...would you want to do that before cutting the cord? Does it matter? I know that you're supposed to keep the cord stump as dry as possible, and just sponge bath your baby until it falls off, but what about...
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