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I am so sorry.  I did not mean to hurt.  In my rushed reading I made an assumption that he was gravely ill.  I in no way meant to make you feel worse or give you anything else to worry about.  Please forgive me.
I was inadvertently insensitive and wish to cause the OP no additional pain.  My sincerest apologies.
My daughter started high school in 2003, and we paid anywhere from $80-$400 for each prom and homecoming dress.  We paid it all.  I am not at all surprised that the girls are talking about price, as dresses were pretty much THE topic of conversation in the weeks leading up to the dances - more so than dates!  However, by junior year the novelty had pretty much worn off, and the girls started trading dresses or re-wearing them   Freshman homecoming - $100 dress from...
Linda on the move is right.  I thought my daughter was just a "dreamer" or a cute little "space cadet", but when I really opened my eyes I saw that she was being left further and further behind socially.  Teen girls don't want to hang out with the girl who forgets to flush the toilet.  The academic part was a secondary  part to getting a diagnosis for us.    I would love to discuss this with you, but I am concerned I will come off like I'm lecturing.
First of all, please get a diagnosis so that you can be sure that ADHD is what you are dealing with.  Also, diagnosis does not mean you have to leap immediately to medication.  A diagnosis will help you get the help you need from school.   For school issues, I had success for some years giving my daughter a planner.  The teacher was on board, and she would make sure my daughter had written down any work to do and that she had all the necessary resources in her...
I am going to post an opposing point of view.  My mother saved the nightgown that my sisters and I wore home from the hospital.  Both my babies wore it home from the hospital, too.  When my sister became pregnant, I asked her if she would like to use it for her new baby, and she said she wasn't sure but that she wanted it just in case.  As it turned out, she didn't use it and then it was lost.  It still hurts me to think about it, as my adult daughter has said many times...
If my child did something so grossly offensive, I would surely want to know.  Tell the nanny.
I think there are only about 3 of us who have said that we like/don't mind it when people drop in on us and none of seem disturbed that others feel differently.  I am all for whatever makes people happy!
First of all, I want to make clear that just because I like people to drop in on me, that doesn't mean that I drop in on others.  I respect that others don't feel the same way.   I watched my grandparents be OVERJOYED when guests dropped in on them.  They were the only ones who lived in town - their friends and relatives were still on the farm.  When people came to town to do errands they stayed all day, and they stopped to see my grandparents. The guests knew that...
I don't mind.  You take what you get when you get here, but I am happy to see you. I want my friends stop when they are driving by and think it would be nice to see me, not keep driving because they think they would impose. 
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