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(blush) Thank you!   We're pretty good about the toys and stuff and such, but we also struggle with the book issue. So so so hard to say no to books, but we're quite literally going to sink our boat with literature. We have switched the grown up books to Kindle (a big sacrifice for me, I am pretty old fashioned with reading) and we've thinned the kid books, giving many to friends.    
I am a little late but I thought I would ask about special traditions/ ideas in Waldorf circles for the 7th birthday. My sweet boy will turn 7 this weekend and we are planning a little gathering of friends on an island, but trying to decide what to do with him when it's just family... thoughts?
I have had this in my mind for a while and the recent post about the colored pencil on the play kitchen made me want to ask.   How do you all reconcile having very expensive play things in your home and small children who might "ruin" them. I have pretty much THE most careful little boy I have ever met, but he still dings wood toys and occasionally decides something that is plain wood needs color or a face. He's a kid. These are his toys. He is playing with them. We...
We have this set http://www.novanatural.com/toys/building/interlocking-blocks   a TON of choices here too http://www.etsy.com/search/handmade/toys/waldorf?q=blocks&noautofacet=1  
I would love to hear howit all turns out in the end if you're willing to share. My son has been askign to do a project like this for a while now. Best of luck!
http://littlecallahans.blogspot.com/2009/06/charlies-kitchen-open-for-business.html   my friend sent me this a few days ago
We especially adored the book of Fairytales. You can find great deals on Oak Meadow on ebay... that's where we picked our up.
I find many of my best steals on Ebay. If you key word search waldorf you can find toys, homeschool books, etc at great prices. For his age, as you know, you don't need much but your loving attention and the great outdoors. But you are right to start shopping for deals now so you have things on hand down the line. Best of luck!
How Robin Saved Spring by Debbie Ouellet A New Beginning by Wendy Pfeffer
Hi everyone! It's so sweet seeing all of these baby faces. I was end of Sept and then 42+3 so Naia is not yet 4 months old (next week). Reading about your babes is a fun sneak peek on what's to come. She is SO smiley and giggly and loves all people (opposite of her brother at that age who was captain serious and very clingy). She is CRAZY for music and howls like a little dog when she hears it, even hearing someone sing the birthday song. We had some eczema/ gassy tummy...
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