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who cares what is acceptable, do what works for your family and looks nice too. we got really nice baskets at the dollar store that look grat and hold what we need. and easy to replace if anything happened to them.   we also use cloth bags (that i sewed from fat quarters of cloth) with certain items inside.  one for silks. one for capes. one for blocks, etc.   we have a few canvas bins too for art and seasonal books and sewing. 
oooooo....  or this!! http://www.etsy.com/listing/60186244/all-natural-wooden-dollhouse-for-your?ref=sr_gallery_2&ga_search_query=waldorf%2Bdollhouse&ga_search_type=handmade   or this http://www.etsy.com/listing/58485239/waldorf-style-dollhouse?ref=sr_gallery_6&ga_search_query=waldorf%2Bdollhouse&ga_search_type=handmade   not a steal but gorgeous!
This may have been posted before... but have you considered this? http://www.etsy.com/listing/62948930/large-wooden-waldorf-playhouse-dollhouse
nak   we have a bunch of them. 2 foxes we have had for a year and a half now and have held up to rough 6 year old boy play beautifully. The only problem was when a dog chewed on them, but any toy would have a problem with that, right?   Then ordered 2 cheetahs last June and they too have held up to rough 6 year old boy play (the cheetah and foxes battle often :lol )   This past Christmas we ordered a bunch more (zebra, bears, elephant, lions, tigers, hippos,...
As for a castle, we got a wonderful one from MamaKopp on etsy. It worked perfectly for us because it's in 2 pieces and can become large, medium, or small with some brilliant design work and a couple of hinges. The wood is beautiful and it's very sturdy. I adore how simple it is and it was insanely affordable eso compared to the Kinderkram etc sets. http://www.etsy.com/transaction/38836284  You could convo her and ask for pricing on another one. These photos in the...
Beautiful!! Thank you for taking the time to post the pic. Does it feel sturdy?
I am dying to see your Jalu barn... I think you just click the picture icon (next to the filmstrip one as you create your post) and plop it in.
so is putting it in the dryer a no-no? they DO take so long to dry, especially in winter.   thanks for all of the tips!
I got mine from a local "sheep & wool" festival we have in our area in the spring. check and see if your area has one too...? I got one the same size if not a tad larger than the ones they sell on Nova for $85+ and mine was $38 I think. The farmers had stacks of them to go through. If you can wait until spring, I'd be happy to get one for you when I go back to the festival again.  
We got one for my son when he was 2 years old. He is 6.5 now and still plays with it ALL THE TIME. Worth every penny.  
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