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Thank you! Do you use Woolite or regular detergent or...? Mine came from a farmer, so no care instructions :) I appreciate it!
I have a sheepskin I use for my 3 month old to sleep on sometimes and play on sometimes and... it's getting funky. How do I clean and care for it? Any tips appreciated!
i have a boy who is tv free and we have the same attitude problem here too. I am trying to zip on my zen suit and glide thru. glad to know we're not alone.
same issue here so I will be following along. FWIW I found organic gripe water from Whole Foods truly helps. That and lots of burping :)
your baby will tell you when she is ready. DS refused to even taste anything but breastmilk until 13 months. Then he went straight to chicken and black beans as a first food. Crazy kid. He's never been picky, but also is still (at age 6.5) just not "into" food.
DS is 6.5 and has never been with a sitter, not even family (always either DH or I). When my daughter was born 3 months ago was the first time he was with someone (his best friends house) and we were worried, but he LOVED it! Do what works for your family.
nak   FYI you can re-use disposable swim dipes over & over & over until they get a poo or pee in them. simply turn inside out and hang/ lay in a warm or sunny spot to dry. one pack can last you years if you do this. they stay crisp and fresh too.
I would let your child tell YOU the stories. I think they usually have an answer or idea in their minds, and in my experience when a child asks a question, it's not necessarily because they want an answer (that's a very adult point of view) but more because they want to engage you into their thinking. So my answer was at ahe 4 and continues to be now that my son is 6... "Hmmmm, what do you think?" And then they are off. Be sure to have something to write with b/c I'll...
Stumps and stones. seriously, if I had a back yard DS would love just some stumps and stones.
p.s. Can you post the company so that nobody else here heads down that path? Is that kosher to do here? 
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