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Can you glue it back together? I got a similar item that arrived with the floors not in place and some Gorilla Glue did the trick! It's crazy strong and expands to fill gaps/ cracks. Then a little sanding and voila!  Can you post pics of the state it is in now?
Glad to help!    I wish we had the space for one  :(
They are back http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260716074297&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT   I  askev and they told me shipping was $35 EUR (about US$45) still puts them $100 less than wooden wagon!
 MUST know more about the barn Jalu is making for you. Would you mind sharing pics and approx price? We LOVE their work and we're on the hunt for a barn
This BARN FROM ETSY is very similar to the Nova one but for 100+ less $$. It's on our wish list  :) I also got a wonderful castle from MamaKopp on etsy for WAY less than Wooden Wagon or Nova and just as gorgeous/ versitile.  
Although I think it's important to teach kids about 4 seasons and how parts of the world have all 4, my thought has always been that you celebrate the seasons you have. This is what teaches kids to get tuned in to their environment and learn to celebrate the changes (even subtle ones, even only 2 times a year) that are in THEIR world. We spent last winter in Hawaii (normally we live in 4 seasons Maryland) and rather than trying to replicate all of our winter crafts and...
I have no clue how to post a photo so bear with me... Naia just turned 2 months old (since I was 42+3 she was born 10-13-10) and here are some photos from this week...      
monkeyma -- where are you getting it from? I am shopping around...
Our list all has to do with available sqaure feet :lol DS has been awesome about some major toy downsizing this fall. We have gotten rid of bags of things, he was so mature about it I was really proud!   So I am making him 2 wallets (one for his foreign currency which he collects and one for his regular money he finds and earns doing jobs around the marina). I am embellishing a thrisfted sweater with a pirtate ship. I am attempting some mittens and a hat from a...
If I even know what day of the week it is that is a bonus!  :)
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