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So who exactly is this guy and why do we care?
I am the therapist in many of my friendships with women. Frankly, it sucks. Not to mention it just gets old. I feel like saying sh*t or get off the pot, ya know? And yes, when you decide your mental health clinic is closed then you see who you are truly connected to. I like that my friends can open up to me and that I have a trusting persona, but it's difficult because I have a very happy life and happy family and sometimes the whole deal just bums me out. I don't want to...
DS nursed round the clock every 2 hours until he was about 2.5 years old. We never night weaned, always nursed on demand, never implemented any sleep programs from a book or a doctor or what have you. We ALWAYS just followed his cue -- realizing that 2 or so rough years (and since we co-slept the constant night nursing was not all that rough. Esp once I threw out my clock!) but a couple of years in the grand scheme of a life time is not to tough to do -- esp when it...
Quote: Originally Posted by lakesuperiormom oh mama great big hugs coming your way! you don't need a schedule you need a rhythm...didn't you read all 55lbs of your enki teacher manuals? lol (and i hope you see my humour!) we did similar stuff until i got my groove with a more waldorf approach. we need to chat! i'm pming you about a waldorf/holistic homeschooling chat i am hosting that i think you'll find helpful! (by the wya, it's totally helpful to take...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rhiannon Feimorgan I've had a crush on him since I was a little girl. Me too
Glad I could help! By the way -- I love your siggy line (pachamama)... are you Peruvian? I am in the process of trying to convince my gringo husband to name our boat pachamama or mama cocha
When DS was about 9 months old we started volunteering once a week at an old folks home. We did it until he was about 2.5 (at which point he didn't want to go anymore and I didn't want to force it). We still go once a year now just for Halloween with his buddies all dressed up in costume. I can't tell you how much the company of children and a caring adult is appreciated with the elderly. Even if he just crawls around and does nothing, they are sometimes moved to tears....
making tv shows
Quote: Originally Posted by Pariah I've looked at that before, but I'm more of a fan of Monolithic Domes. I have profiled this company and a few of their homeowners many times when I used to work for HGTV. I have to say, in working for HGTV for MANY years and seeing EVERY type of home there is to see from cobb to strabale to cordwood to pumicecrete, etc -- these were my FAVORITE! Beautiful, efficient, low maintenance, strong.
Quote: Originally Posted by Penelope Supposing for a moment that the conversation between the adults did happen as reported, I wonder if there were language issues in play - in some British novels, "nurse" is used to mean "take care of." I'm no English major, nor am I British, but that scenario seems much more likely to me than a woman breastfeeding her 17 yo. I am voting for this scenario... that's the first thing that popped into my mind.
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