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once a week my twins will participate in something chore for 10-15 minutes, part of Montessori practical life. Like fold or sort some laundry, wash and rinse a few dishes, etc.
I have not assigned my preschoolers any chores. I usually wait til age 7 to assign any light chores
Thank you!! I sent you an email!
I focus on Science quite often with my twin boys. I would love to share a blog post I wrote about the science activities I do with my twins. Note my blog is NOT a commercial blog. I just blog about homeschooling my twins http://graham-and-parker.blogspot.com/2012/11/fun-preschool-science.html .
thats a great Montessori activity!! We love messy play and Montessori, and Reggio!!
definitely a miracle!! Yes, maybe trim the trees!! natural sunlight is so amazing for playtime indoors... and out! heheI did not clean the room before photographing it, it isnt ever messy, I trained them to not make big messes 2 years ago when I transformed the room and toys! I have a post on my blog about it too, but this website seems to be back and forth on their policy of blog and pinterest links, they told me it was a-ok and now they are deleting my links. you...
Thank you Cindy!! That is great!! I hope you get to see the great color cast they make one day soon, maybe the sun will shine just right at a different time of year! I saw your little one is a rainbow baby. My twins are rainbow babies too. We had a loss at 20 weeks in 07 and then 3 months later were expecting them! That was a very nervous pregnancy!
I would like to know what a typical school day looks like for Moms of kindergarteners who are homeschooling. What is your school schedule like? what kind of curriculum do you use? Do you meet with other Moms of kindergarteners for socilization? How many days of the week do you have school time and for how many hours a day? Did your child have preschool at home too? Do you do field trips and if so, do you have them do any writing or anything on the field trip?
They really have not been separated since they came home from the NICU in 2008, 28(Graham) and 30(Parker) days after birth. Except once when Parker had to be taken to the ER because he stuck a bead up his nose. They get individual time with me, dh, and their siblings though.
hi ho cherrio isnt as simple as you think!! it is actually a really excellent fine motor skills game. Many therapists around the US use it as a therapy tool for children with Autism, Down Syndrome, CP, and other special needs. So, good game choice!!!
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