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Ok thanks we seem to have a different problem
do any of you find the babies are worse at night with cold air?  
Aimee’s UC Birth Story         After three weeks of promodal Labor  most nights & petering out by morning, every time she dropped down I could feel her head was not straight I tried repositioning using the techniques from Spinning Babies but she would move back up & settle her head sideways again. I was already struggling with Antenatal depression, & adding the dread of another short extreme labor like I had with our 8th child that had started out the same way...
Announcing the birth of Aimee Grace ,10# on the 11th of April our 7th daughter newest sister to R,J,M,C,J,M,R,J,D&S-J. Birth Story & Photo to come
Oh it is so good to not be the only one going through this I don't remember this with any of my other pregnancies but I must have because I usually don't answer the phone after 38 weeks or go out much . Out of 10 other pregnancies i have only had 1 other that i had either BH or Promedal labor- so surprise I get that this time.This is not helping at all, I get all geared up thinking this is it & it dies & I become an emotional mess for a couple of days. I have had 4 weeks...
Impatient - Yes 40 weeks tommorow but who knows really? I admit I am jealous of mamas holding babies ATM! I am so over this but DH wants another 2 weeks to finish the house so we can get in there for the birth but I am already an emotional wreck & lack of sleep hasn't helped, I really don't care anymore where I have it, everyone is getting over a cold - can you believe I have been so careful with suppliments & my diet I copped the cold the worst? DH thinks its also...
Yes I will have my daughters there -21,20,18,16 &10 there they have never been invited before as I REALLY like my privacy but as this will be our last birth we wanted them to be a part of it so they can make decisions according to their experience for their births.
I have just spent the last 2 months trying to deal with it naturally including diet, probiotics, garlic, GSE, ect i was miserable finally 2 weeks ago I finally gave in & got OTC stuff even if it is not long term at least I will be clear for the birth & 1 less thing to stress about at this point.  
I am due on the 4th officially but we never date scanned, lost track of my cycle (organizing a wedding at the time)  & have UPed so the date was just one we gave the dr before we started Uping so it is a surprise when this one comes bub has engaged which doesn't usually happen until I'm in labor & my Chiro expects this week I would really like tonight because my second daughter & her husband are staying over anyway for other reasons so all my older daughters will be here...
Anyone ever been in this position I KNOW babys head is down & in LOP position but how do I explain the extra bumps & feet that aren't meant to be where they are? Even though baby has dropped there has been no lightening at all in fact since baby dropped it is MORE crowded under my right rib?
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