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My 18 yr old dd, Madelyn's, friend (named Alyson) told her mom that Madelyn had texted her (Alyson) about wanting to have sex with her boyfriend. Alyson's mom told me this. So then of course I go through her phone texts and find that she has texted her friends about this and texted her boyfriend saying "i wanna have sex w/ u" and he replied with "me 2." What should I do?
Hi ladies! Ok so I have 3 girls: 18 yr old Madelyn, 13 yr old Sophie, and 9 yr old Charlotte. Madelyn started shaving her bikini line at 16 after speaking with me about it and then with my permission, she got it professionally waxed and has been for the past 2 years. We were at the pool this afternoon and I noticed some pubic hair showing from underneath Sophie's bikini. I have an amazing relationship with all 3 of my girls, but should I mention something about this to...
All 3 of my girls aged 18, 13, and 9 have skype accounts but the computer is ALWAYS in a public place that anyone can view and all skype friends are approved by me. As well, I have their passwords to all their accounts, including skype and we first set up the accounts together. I don't go snooping around, but if I see fit, I will.
I have a 9 year old that wears a bra (either the cotton training bras or the colorful sports bras) and she just feels so much more comfortable with them. I think it's really your daughter's decision and it's your job to help support her and find what's right for her, but ONLY when SHE'S ready!! As for trends, little girls don't really care about the push-up bras and what not (well, at least my 9 year old doesn't,) they only want what's comfy. Style comes later on in the...
I have 3 girls aged 18, 13, and 9 and I wouldn't exactly "encourage" them to *explore* their bodies, but if they were to, I don't see myself having any problem with it. It is normal for children to do this at some stage in their tween/teen years. And I know a lot of moms on here have said that their children feel awkward talking to them about sex, but in our family, we don't make a big deal of it; it is a part of life that most everyone experiences. So my girls are...
All 3 of my girls (aged 18, 13, and 9) are on our local swim team and they all love it! Swimming is a great sport and so useful, especially if you're like us and visit the beach quite frequently.
I have 3 girls: 18 yr old Madelyn, 13 yr old Sophie, and 9 yr old Charlotte. Madelyn got her period at 14 and used pads for a year and a half but then joined a swim team and began using tampons, which she liked a lot better than pads. Sophie got her period last year when she was 12 and she used tampons right off; never used pads, following Madelyn's example. Charlotte got her period this year and used pads, but now she is also on the swim team that Madelyn and Sophie are...
All 3 of my girls (aged 18, 13, and 9) wear bras. I get them from Macy's. My 18 yr old goes bra shopping with her friends of course and she gets the padded ones. I take my 13 and 9 yr old girls bra shopping though and while the 13 yr old is getting into the "lightly padded" bras, the 9 yr old is of course still sticking to the cotton training bras and the colorful sports bras.
I wouldn't feel comfortable with the situation especially since they were naked and the mom was "checking on them...." Doesn't sound right to me. Anyways, I have 3 girls (aged 18, 13, and 9) and all of them (especially the younger 2) are developing faster than the "normal rate" so they would be self-conscious if showering in front of others. When my girls have friends over, showering and changing is done separately.
VS is waaay too expensive for a bra; I buy all 3 of my girls' bras (aged 18, 13, and 9) at Macy's. They have a great size, color, and style variety all for a cheap price. I also love how some come in packs; it's really convenient.
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