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Oh my god, chispita! You are legendary.
I can't believe i forgot to update this forum. My twins were born august 13, at 36 weeks and 4 days. I had a scheduled c-section for 37 weeks, but baby a broke his water early! Baby A was breech, despite acupuncture, chiropractic / webster technique, moxa, spinning babies & everything else. It was a real lesson in the things you can't control ( like everything with twin parenting, I'm finding). So I had a c-section. Baby a was 4lbs 7 oz and Baby B was 6 lbs 1 oz. My...
I have several pink diaper covers for my two boys as well. They were hand me downs and I don't complain about free things. We're into feminist notions of gender, anyway.
Tilly - I have greenish hazel eyes, but my wife has darker eyes and I want Memphis to match her! Otto is a wild card, and I'd be happy with whatever color his eyes turn. Thanks for the compliments. I'm afraid they are undeserved, though. I just crop out my greasy, gnarled, unwashed hair. And natural lighting can do great things to wash out bags under the eyes, weird blotchy skin, etc.
Congratulations! I'm so glad things worked out so well for you!
i wrote a 'draft' of my birth plan the day before my water broke. my doula and wife were supposed to read it and offer suggestions, but that didnt happen! my water broke, i printed off five copies of my "draft" and took them with me. the nurses were stoked to get it - one of them saw it on the table and was like, oh can i have a copy too?? and they were stoked that i kept it short and practical. it was less than 1 page - basically focused on the decisions we would have to...
man, lillian is such a dreamy baby.    how do you guess what color their eyes will be? i hope memphis's will be brown. 
ahhhh all these babies are so cute i am going to pass out from extreme cuteness! i can't believe all the hair some of these babies have. we're a little jealous over here in bald baby land.  i feel like i have the baldest babies ever.    i like to call this one "downers? uppers!"          this is just a "good morning" shot.   
tilly, i know your girl is about the same size as memphis. we have just put regular newborn sized clothes on him and let them be baggy. it's pretty funny. they are still much too small for all the sweaters we knitted for them. but their tiny feet fit in the tiny baby socks i knitted!  they are gray woolen socks - very practical for tiny gentlemen. it's kind of amazing to see clothing i made on a person i made.      im working on a newborn size wool soaker. i was going...
thanks for all the ideas and inspiration, everyone. otto (the bigger twin) is the aggressive one with the painful latch. memphis is a delightful nursling. memphis & i actually used a nipple shield for the first couple of weeks, since he was so small he really could not latch effectively. it helped him get over that hump, and now he seems to latch beautifully without it. i know that a lot of people are anti-shield for a number of reasons, but it was exactly what we needed...
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