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Oh, what a precious babe!
Mrsandmrs: twin boys, Memphis (4 lbs 7 oz) & Otto (6 lbs 1 oz) born 8/13. Due date was 9/6.
I know a lot of us are in new breastfeeding relationships with our babes. (and a lot mor of us will be pretty soon!) I thought we could share stories, commiserate over challenges and help each other troubleshoot. So... How's it going?    I am currently breastfeeding our three and a half week old twins. I have one really great nursling who is gentle and has a careful latch and seems so peaceful when he's nursing. It's so rewarding to nurse him. My other babe is...
Congratulations! I'm glad you had a positive birth experience. I love that name. What did you decide for the middle name? I know it was a challenge.
Yes, Memphis is my little guy. Thank you. We are crazy about him. I can't believe how perfect Lillian is. If you didn't tell me how small she is, i wouldn't be able to guess from the photos. She's beautiful.It is so fortunate that we are both able to successfully nurse and help these little people. My heart breaks for other mamas who have supply issues with tiny babies or babies who are too small to effectively nurse. Not to be a total Pollyanna, but we are very very...
He's wonderful! Congrats to you all. I am delighted that your baby was born on my due date!
I don't have a lot of advice, but one of my twins was as small as Lillian, and he's now 5.5 lbs. It's a great relief to see him filling out, but I already miss the teeny tinyness of my little guy. You're doing a great job nursing her and helping her grow. I cant wait for the time, a few months from now, when we can swap photos of our chubby "4 lb preemies."
Oh my god, this post is exactly what I needed today. I'm going to post the "three week old" photos of the twins when I get home in a few hours. Here are some cell phone photos in the meantime! Me & Otto Memphis and the thousand yard stare sucking on each other's fingers and holding hands. Baby feets and giant cloth diaper butts.
New Posts  All Forums: