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whoo hoo! yay sphinxy!!! 
"fancee free" was one of the brands i bought from ebay for some ridiculously low price. i really like it! one of my faves.
i have been having sharp cervix pain the last few days. it's not regular or consistent. it is only when the babies are being active, and if i get into downward facing dog or something, i can move him away, but yes, it definitely takes my breath away. it makes me so anxious. i wish i could measure my cervix at home to reassure myself that he's not accomplishing anything. 
I also have been buying bras on ebay as i need bigger ones. I have been buying nursing bras so as I (hopefully) go back down in sizes, I can get a second use out of them. I have mostly been picking random brands and styles that come in the sizes I need for cheap, so I have been able to try more than I would if I were spending $60 or $80 per bra. 
wow, that octopus sweater is amazing! i love all the stuff you all are making. i am going to delve into making swaddling blankets soon. a friend convinced me that all i have to do is basically measure, cut & hem, so we're going to try it.  then, maybe crib sheets? i'm still working on the garter stitch kimono sweater. i thought it would be done by now but life keeps getting in the way. 
thanks for all the insight and guidance. thinking about birth plans / "hopes" is definitely a big thing we need to talk about. since we're having a twin birth and there are so many variables, like baby size, baby position, preterm labor, potential induction - everything feels very up in the air. i feel really overwhelmed by thinking about 1. what we need to decide 2. how to make all those decisions. that would be a good area for us to have some guidance. obviously i know...
    i think my all-day nausea started to simmer down around 17 or 18 weeks, and the last time i actually puked was about 20 weeks? it is hard to remember. it felt like forever, but i kept reassuring myself that the longest it could ACTUALLY last was 38 weeks.
escher, that is so weird ! that must be a new thing. we don't have those risk factors, and just got our results in march. i think things are changing pretty rapidly with that test, though, so it's not too surprising. we still have no idea if our insurance is going to choose to pay for it. i'm glad you're okay with the outcome.    carmen - good luck with the diabetes clinic. i hope it's easy for you to control. 
what kind of stuff are you supposed to talk about in your prenatal doula appointments? i feel like if i have questions, i tend to just read a book. when we did our "consultation" with the doula, we talked extensive about our history and relationship and what kind of services a doula provides, so i feel like we don't have much more to cover in that respect.    it's my first pregnancy, so i don't even know what i should be wondering about. we're planning on taking...
everyone looks so amazing and happy ! this is the good part, right? where we look pregnant but we are still (mostly) mobile?   this was last weekend... 23 weeks! i honestly can't believe i am already so huge and i have to go another 14.5 weeks.....     
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