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Wow, what a lovely baby. Congratulations!!
sphinxy, when i was DONE with my pregnancy, i watched orange is the new black and call the midwife and bunheads (ballerina show by the creator of gilmore girls). prettttttty much over and over. also, AWKWARD, that MTV show. they are all on one of the streaming services we have (amazon, hulu, netflix). if my water hadn't broken, i probably would have watched gilmore girls and all the harry potter movies, too. i am a bigggg reader, but at the end of my pregnancy i literally...
Lilmamita, how many wet and dirty diapers does he have in a day? That would tell you if your supply is ok, right? I read somewhere that dairy dairy sensitivity can slow weight gain. If he does have that, your dairy elimination may help. Sorry you have to deal with that. I'm sure you don't need another thing t to worry about.
oh goodness, the new crop of beebs is so adorable! good work, all of you!    i can't believe how big our babies are getting.  Otto is 7 weeks old!    Actually, Memphis is 7 weeks old too!      there are a lot of stupid cute sibling moments around here. like synchronized dimples !     they don't spend a lot of time in a crib, so when they do, it's novel and exciting.   
My milk lets down randomly too. After the shower, when babies are cooing at a book, whatever. Earlier my wife walked into a room with a cute baby in her arms and boom. I am not sure if I let down multiple times when I'm feeding them, though.
I can fit in my pre-pregnancy wardrobe (I'm only 5 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight) but none of my pre-pregnancy clothes are very good for nursing! So I have been wearing(when i leave the house) mostly leggings and shirts that are easy to nurse in, or maternity wrap dresses that are easy to nurse in. I seriously need to work on my nursing wardrobe in a very serious way. Around the house i just wear nursing bras, a robe, sometimes pajama pants. It's high fashion. I...
I ate cabbage yesterday and my babies both slept the best they ever have last night. I didn't realize it could affect breast milk. Maybe I should eat cabbage more? When I try to sleep on my stomach, my giant breastfeeding boobs hurt a lot!! So I am still missing that.
i forgot - i also LOVE being able to wear all of my shoes again. at the end there, when i could only fit in flip flops, i was full of despair that my feet would never go back to normal. my shoe collection has some 'investment pieces' and despite my DW's encouragement during my pregnancy (just imagine, you could buy all NEW shoes!!) i was devastated by the idea that i wouldnt be able to wear them again.
I feed each baby on one breast, then swap them for the next feeding. each breast seems to fill up the baby, which is good since there is no second breast to switch them too. both twins eat about every 2 hours. maybe 3 hours if they have an especially good nap or deep sleep ( related to this, i am not getting a lot of sleep at night). i wonder if they would sleep longer if i had another breast to offer them, but there's no way to grow extra breasts and they seem satisfied...
Any advice on the sizing for the squeem? Does it run small or large? i'm tired of buying things online in the wrong size!
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