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I was told to eat normally before the test as well. I would recommend having someone drop you off and pick you up. After fasting for 15 hrs (12+3) drinking 100 grams of sugar and getting 4 blood draws, I felt unsafe to drive. I can't believe they let people drive themselves.
I failed the 1 hour test at like, 17 weeks. then i passed the 3 hour fasting test, although it was possibly the worst experience of my life. i decided if i failed the 1-hour again later in my pregnancy, i would just refuse the 3 hour and ask to be treated as if i were diabetic. when i had to take the 1-hour again at 28 weeks, i passed it just fine, even though they had a lower cut-off than the earlier test. (i switched practitioners at 20 weeks, so a lot of things...
I love all the beautiful new babies! I feel like my guys are so old already. Six weeks old yesterday!
I can easily imagine how that would happen but I'm mortified thinking about it! That is totally something that would happen to me. Ack!
We had a pact that we would wait to find out the sex until birth, unless it was twins, then we needed less surprises in our lives. Lo & behold. it was twins so we got to find out. After we knew, I felt so much more bonded to the fetii. I realized that the sex was this one small piece of information I *could* know, when there was so much I could not know. I didn't realize it would be as important to me as it was. We have to deal with everyone's shit about gender...
I gained 45 lbs and I have 8 more to lose to be down to my pre pregnant weight. The twins are 6 weeks old tomorrow. I was overweight when I started, though, and it would be great if breastfeeding twins helped me lose a little extra... I haven't started exercising yet, since my c-section incision is still bugging me.
Man, this is quite a crew of good looking babies. Maybe I'm biased because I feel so invested in them all, but they are really, really cute. River has such a handsome baby cleft chin!! Simón looks like such a sweetie. Adrian is so adorable! I want to give matilda a snuggle! Her hat and blanket are so stylish. I can't believe how big silas is already ! And cdsmom, you caught some really sweet moments with your family! A+ work, everyone. Keep it up.
congrats on a good ultrasound, ememers! we seem to specialize in twin boys around here. we did the MaternitT21 test with our twins. Did you have any questions about it? 
of course there's a video! http://www.amazon.com/Happiest-Toddler-Block-Harvey-Karp/dp/B0001ZJQ72   we have a sidecar cosleeper and sometimes the babies sleep in our bed as well, depending on how the  night/nap is going. 
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