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I had to go through a 3 month waiting period (and take on a full-time job)... So yeah, I can relate.
I don't see any problem with it.
I met the man of my dreams via Facebook, but now that he's mine I really have no use for social networking.
I'm quite the fan of Selan cream. I know it may be a bit pricey compared to some of the others named in this thread, but nothing else brings me the type of relief that particular cream has brought me while nursing. I'll gladly pay the $8 for a cream that I know works because it's worked for me before. The other factor is that you get discounts from the place from which I get it when you buy multiple maternity/postpartum and baby care products, which I have.
Vitamin D3 should do the trick. Usually during the winter the lack of sunlight (and hence vitamin D) weakens the immune system, rendering us more susceptible to allergies and colds: http://vitamind3blog.com/2011/01/vitamin-d-deficiency-linked-to-myriad-diseases/
Welcome and congratulations!  
Welcome!  We're delighted you're here.  
I don't like writing, my preference being typing, so I prefer to do my out-loud thinking online. If you want a free one Wordpress offers fairly powerful free blog platform. I go through a site called GoDot!Yourself. That way I own the blog, the content and the space on which it is hosted. I'll never have to worry about a company being bought out or going bankrupt and telling me "sorry, we're shutting down. You've got two weeks to get your content outta here or its being...
I would recommend Douglas brand because I've read two very convincing studies which placed that particular supplement manufacturer in an elite group of only about four-to-six worldwide who produce supplements at the level of quality which Douglas (BioTech and others) pride themselves on. They're more expensive than what an you'll get at the supermarket or drug store. The question, is the extra $10-$15 worth absorbing 60-80% more of the supplements you take had you...
Probiotics: It's All in the Supplement Quality of Manufacture and Ingredients If you can buy it in a grocery store, chain pharmacy, any other store specialty nutrition shops (online and in-person) notwithstanding, it is in all likelihood a total and complete waste of money, and this is true of most supplements commonly sold to consumers who have no clue that the compounds are very poorly absorbed when they're absorbed at all, much of it is excreted in urine without...
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