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I believe I've figured it out... a combo of being overtired and overstimulated. Oops!
I apologize in advance if this is too much information but I just want to accurately set the stage. I am baffled...   My daughter is 3.5 months old, 17 lbs (grows like a weed!), and EBF. For a while we had a pretty nice bedtime routine going which would culminate in me nursing my daughter for about an hour before she would drift off to sleep. She would eat almost the entire time. For several weeks, however, this last feeding has become a fight. She just doesn't seem...
Fundal height measurements can be really prone to error. For example, two different doctors/midwives can check you and get a different measurement. I know this because I measured 2 weeks or 4 weeks ahead my entire pregnancy and I was freaked out, too. I went on a Google rampage trying to figure out why. In my case, I just had a big baby! But that's no reason to be scared, either. This won't make you feel better, though, because no matter how many times I heard people...
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