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Love them (daycare owner 4 years)
Are there any new recommendatiOns? We need to stay in Maryland near hagerstown. Family doc is fine even better really. If anyone needs one near Oakland or accident md dr. B at wellspring family medicine is great.
Sorry to butt in - If I want to adopt an infant in another state from an expectant mom that has chosen us how do I go about that?  Do I still need to be certified?  Do I need to hire a lawyer? What should I watch our for? (I am in Maryland)
I am not sure if this is "right" or not but here goes.  I am sorry if this goes against ethics rules.  My husband and I have been talking about adopting a child and I was heading over here to find out more information specifically on adopting a child that we can avoid vaccinating cosleep with etc. which I am not sure we can do with the foster/adopt route.  We have two beautiful girls already and I stay at home and have a home daycare and teach preschool classes in my...
New Posts  All Forums: