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I had the same problem, but luckily I didn't start the exam yet before they sent me an e-mail saying they had technical difficulties, and they told me everyone could do it over. Later on I got a new e-mail with a new period to do the exam, and I noticed it was 1 day longer then before, so they compensated that with 1 day extra I guess.   I just passed the 2 exams last Monday, it works again.
Hi there,   I'm in!   Just finished the second test on last Sunday, and yesterday evening I got the e-mail saying I have passed! Now I'm invited to a webinar for further questions and get the rest of the info I need to get started.   I must say they are replying quickly for me, so I'm happy with that, as some of you seem to have to wait a while.   Test 1 was definately harder then 2, sometimes you have to read the question a few times and look it back up...
Hi all,   I'm a guy from the Netherlands and I applied for LionBridge a few months ago. I know it from a friend, he worked there for about a year I think. I have to say 1 thing: Don't worry if the reply takes long. That friend had applied and he didn't hear something for over a year because they have people enough, but they said they will keep him in mind. Usually when a company tells you that, you know they don't, but LB actually does!   After about a year...
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