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I think some of the posts of "refutations to anti-vaccine memes" are quite good visualisations of some of the scientific concepts behind vaccination. Not all of them are emotionally targeted.
To me it really doesn't seem any different to digging out stories of horrible vaccine reactions to induce an emotional response against vaccinating. I would prefer this wasn't a tactic used by any side personally, but I understand that many people are very swayed by emotion, so I understand why people do it. In any case diphtheria deaths in this era were common. It's not an unlikely explanation for the deaths even if there's no direct proof. How horrible to loose so many...
But taxi - teacozy pointed out there was no "30%" increase, just the addition of PCV. Is she mistaken, and/or could you explain more clearly what you think the 30% increase is?
I miss wearing mine. They're way too big now. Almost enough to make me consider a third!
I agree it's a strange analogy to make. Because tobacco is an area in which mainstream science and medicine have fought against large companies to point out the health problems with products they sell. It wasn't easy, or pretty at times. But the scientific method gave the answer and no doctor would ever say smoking was good for you now.
I'd love to read your blog too. I appreciate your thoughtful posts here.
Thank you for being clear about the MDC position. I continue to think it's a pity to lump non vaxing choices with the other aspects of natural parenting, but as a commercial entity MDC has the right obviously to decide to do whatever it feels works best.
I think it's really interesting that so many non-vaxers have had bad experiences with doctors sharing information, while my experience (and from memory several others who post on VOS) has always been very positive. I've always felt it was well explained and I was given all the information I needed. 
Got to love The Onion: http://www.theonion.com/articles/the-pros-and-cons-of-vaccinating-children,35731/   Make some good points though too! ;) 
On the NHS leaflet we got at the time of our kids flu vaccines this year.
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