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I think it's too late to do any immunisation. I think all you can do know is look after your family and hope for the best. Here's hoping it all works out ok for you all.
My daughter (6) brought home a reading book from school on smallpox and the invention of vaccines. We read it together - it was pretty good I thought.
We've done this "how much money do vaccines make pharmaceutical companies" so many times on here. For anyone hearing this argument for the first time I suggest a search on the forum for great links with actual facts in them (dollar amounts etc.) Bottom line us that compared to other medicines they are not a big money maker.
I am not a medical doctor. However if I were I do not think that's the choice I'd make. I would prefer to continue to engage with the parents, and would feel a duty of care to the children I think.
Vaccine risks occur. It's also risky to cross roads. But people would not think it reasonable (might even say "meritless qualms") if in response to the risk of crossing roads someone decided they would never do it - or stay in their house forever. Crossing roads carries a small risk, and is unavoidably unsafe.
I see where this doctor is coming from. The consensus medical and scientific evidence for vaccines (ie saying their benefits outweigh their unavoidable risks) is so strong it is hard for people to understand the choice not to vaccinate. And so it does look at first glance that if someone rejects advice to vaccinate they will reject all modern medical advice. I think I'm seeing comments above that this is not the case, but I can understand where the doctor would get the...
Just like 100% of women who were never vaccinated. (And men, and everyone fully vaccinated of course). And half of the world are below average intelligence too. Statistics are fun huh.
What a lovely idea for a thread. I have done yoga on and off for more than 10 years. I have a lovely class once a week, but I've realized for some time now what I need to move forward is a daily practice. I work full time with 2 young kids, so squeezing that in is going to be tough, but this is a great thread to try to give me some extra inspiration/push to work on that problem. And maybe I'll start now by putting down the iPad and squeezing in some triconasana (my...
Moving goalposts are classic for the main worries. It used to be MMR was the main problem, then thimerosol, now aluminium? It's good to be suspicious of medicines and/or substances put into our bodies, but in my opinion it goes beyond that when medical and scientific consensus is repeatedly ignored. Micah_mae - I'm sorry to hear your story. Sound tough to have 2 kids with autism. I'm especially sorry that you've been getting nasty comments from some in the antivax...
It's an interesting analogy IMHO, and makes me confident in my choice to vax. Formula feeding and CIO (and other things) once routinely recommended by the powers that be - many mothers didn't like it. Science now shows the mothers were right, so now the recommendations are for breast feeding, (despite the formula industry) and largely we're left on our own about choices on cuddling. For vaccinations the same checks routinely fail to find serious widespread bad reactions,...
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