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But chickabiddy says she doesn't care about the decision people make - she cares about the misinformation (and presumably wants to make some effort to correct it).    I'm with her on this.   What the first poster started with is clearly true - the risks to an individual making either the choice to vaccinate or to not vaccinate are minisucule. It's extremely unlikely that any single person will be the 1 in a million with a serious vaccine reaction. However if you don't...
Measles in Wales this summer caused a lot of unnecessary suffering.
It's a personal story about how she came to her choices about vaccinating.
Personally I worry that if vaccination rates drop a lot then VPD rates will increase significantly.
Susan Boyle (who sang I Dreamed a Dream on a UK talent show - if you haven't watched that Youtube clip from 2009 it still gives me shivers) recently announced she's been diagnosed with aspergers. She's being claimed as part of an "invisible generation" of people on the autism spectrum: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-25299300   We sometimes have debated on here about the increase in autism spectrum rates and if it can be explained by increased diagnosiss or if...
There a big difference between saying it can't possibly be a reaction and saying that just because it happened right after a vaccination doesn't mean it is definitely a reaction…..    The one surety about medicine in my experience is that nothing is really that sure - they work on best guesses, and most likely outcomes more often than most of us would like to admit! ;) 
If you can get a single vial flu shot it will be thimerosol free. Flumist is also an option without thimerosol.
Just a comment that many don't accept thimerosol was removed because it was believed to be unsafe. There's no good evidence it's unsafe. There's an argue meant that it was removed because the sense was public opinion was so strong against it that leaving it in would stop too many vaccinating. I know many posting here will vehemently disagree with this view, but I share it because I fell it will add some balance to this thread.
The data you show is per 1000 people - so total number irrelevant.
It's a different vaccine. Do you object to the term "herd" in herd immunity? I wonder this because I interpret some of your posts that way, but I sometimes get the tone wrong on these forums. I wonder if we talked about "social immunity", or "crowd immunity" the idea would be less objectionable.....?
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