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I don't think it is easy to get vaccinations off the recommended schedule. Any one have experience with that in the US? In the UK it's very tricky. Point is surely that if you follow recommendations the conversation is easy. Some people have bad experiences with information sharing. Mine have always been great including discussion before and an information sheet to take home afterwards. I've always felt very well informed. I'm sorry others don't have that...
Issues like this make me very thankful for the NHS (even with the different issues it can have). Sorry you're having such a hard time getting what you need for your LOs.
Are we worried about the information or the consent. This thread is mixing the two I think. It's good to provide information after vaccination about signs to watch for in reactions, and what the vaccine is for. Well I think it is anyway. What people learn from that information is then on them. "You can take a horse to water, but you can't make them drink."
For me it's not about a single study (which can be interesting and worth following up but shouldn't in itself completely change the best advice). In general I'm fairly convinced of the worth of pertussis vacation for pregnant women in order to protect newborns, so if I were pregnant now I would talk to my midwife about getting it.
The difference is obvious as far as I can see. In refusing vaccines people are going against all medical advice. So the doctors want to make very sure they understand their choice and are not just doing it because "they read something on the internet" (not aiming that at anyone here, but that is the common perception of non vaxers). In the UK at least we get extensive leaflets if information following vaccination. The nurses who do the vaccination have also always asked...
It should be possible to separate critiquing a point of view a person holds (preferably with evidence) from personal attacking them. I don't find being catty fun either. Might be the first time I've ever agreed with Taximom!
No one is saying vaccinated people don't ever get sick (albeit that's implied in simplified messages). But it it demonstrably true they're much (much) less likely to get sick if they're exposed to a VPD they've had the vaccine for.
Isn't there an actual poll option? I know there used to be.
Isn't some of this debate driven by differences of opinion over what counts as a personal attack. Eg 1.I don't understand the xx side's opinion (ok) 2. I don't agree with the xx side's opinion (ok) 3. The xx side are crazy to hold the opinions they have (less ok) 4. I believe the xx side are crazy (I think ok - it's your right to think that) 5. I believe the xx side hate children and want them all to suffer (getting worse). 6. The xx side are crazy, hate children and...
Mirzam - can you provide the reference for that graph? I'd like to dig into it a bit more. Any idea why it ends in 1996? That's almost 20 years ago now!
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