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Thanks. I have been walking (carefully), but not with a yoga mindset. And some exploration of mountain/tree does sound like a good idea.
I twisted my ankle in feb and have been off yoga since. might be about ready to start again. Any advice for ankle strengthening poses?
I don't think it's a worse case. I expect most of the marks from the spots will fade eventually. Daughter didn't have a single symptom. She got the first dose of the vaccine before we moved from the USA to UK.
Well a month later and I genuinely find it hard to understand how anyone could prefer this over the tiny risk of the vaccine. Kiddo still has a couple of nasty spots needing to heal, remnants of the rest mostly still visible, and what looks like a permanent scar on his nose. More seriously now he has varicella dormant in his nervous system ready to emerge as shingles one day. And I'm still grumpy about it all in case you can't tell!
Might be worth looking at the welsh outbreak from couple of years ago.
I was looking into this as some people take exception to the "pro" in my username. I meant it to mean I love science, but some of the people in the vaccination boards think it means I think anyone who disagrees with me is anti science. I'm OK with changing to "sciencemum" science it seems to bothers other people.     However this thread surprises me with the $2.50 charge. What is the justification for the charge to change username?  
This thread makes me uncomfortable. I'm not sure there's any direct UA violations, so I haven't flagged anything but I would really like to ask people to replace "skeptic" with "antivax", and perhaps flip "western" and "alternative" medicine and think about how the conversation would make them feel then.    Kathymuggle - I read from your OP that you think science is irrelevant to the vaccination question these days. I apologies if I am misinterpreting your statement...
I don't get why sharing information is bad. What are you afraid of? I do understand it's been shown to not convinced those vehemently opposed to vaccination. I just don't see the evidence that that group contains most parents. Not even most parents who don't vaccinate! I know all of you on here fall into that group, but I suggest those of us posting in this forum are not representative. Anyone looked for non vax stats in countries without any requirement for exemptions?...
I think it's accepted there will always be some vehemently opposed to vaccinating. What I've read implies that making exemptions harder is aimed at catching not the vehemently opposed, but is intended to make the choice not to vaccinate more work than the one to vaccinate. Correcting misinformation information is always a good thing in my opinion.
Sounds like an amazing trip. Which matches will you go to? I think you're right to be concerned. Maybe look at the who information on the most common VPDs worldwide and in especially in Brazil and the countries whose teams you will see. Are you open to considering if selectively vaccinating for some may mean you worry less?
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