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My reason for starting to investigate vaccinations online was to work out how to get my son a chicken pox vaccine in the UK (where it's not available on the NHS routinely). Our daughter had got it int he US so I was surprised to discover this difference when we moved to the UK. I worked out it would cost ~£150 to get the vaccine, and kind of paused there uncertain if I should do that or not.    I feel stupid now.  We have chicken pox.    Daughter (who got dose 1 of...
 Just wanted to thank you Mirzam for making me laugh out loud in the living room and giving me cause to explain "Lizards from the Fourth Dimension" to my daughter. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, the video with real scientists Mirzam dares us to watch is produced by the "People's Voice" TV channel owned by David Icke, who I should have heard of before but hadn't. He's "famous" for (among other things) believing that all of the world's leaders are...
I'm curious if "feeling chickenpox and flu vaccines aren 't worth it" (sic) would count as a strongly help religious or moral belief against vaccines. Does it?
The women in the first article was not vaccinated. It explains that in the article.
I am not really in favour of the us schools requirements, and for hpv especially it seems strange. Is there evidence the schools requirements help significantly with vaccination rates?
I understand it's confusing to say I have confidence in the current recommendations, because of this history of things changing based on new information, but that's how the scientific process has to work. It gives me confidence that the current recommendations are based on the best current evidence, and that if anyone changes they will be updated. I don't see how we can do any more than that.
But that's not the accepted view. The accepted view based on decades of studies and experience - whether or not you agree with it - is that vaccinations are generally extremely safe and prevent diseases which can have serious consequences. So we get stuck again on this basic disagreement which colours all other discussion on vaccination policies and morals.
I just wanted to say this thread made me think. Made me realize saying "pro" something immediately makes you think "anti". I assume this is why it's prochoice, prolife (no one wants to be anti either of those things). My username is meant as an expression of my love for science. It's not specific to my parenting choices or meant as a challenge to suggest others are antiscience, but I see now it might be taken as that. I just looked to see if I could remove the "pro" ...
I agree - talking with the kids about why they're getting what they're getting is important.    The nurse in the UK who gave pre-school boosters to my son called them "scratchy medicine" which he still remembers. 
The placebo effect is fascinating, and I hope gets studied more. I keep touting Ben Goldacre's "Bad Science", but it clearly had a big impact on my - also has a great discussion of the placebo effect.    I don't remember what Goldacr says about homeopathy, but I'm fairly confident it wouldn't have been complimentary. 
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