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The placebo effect is fascinating, and I hope gets studied more. I keep touting Ben Goldacre's "Bad Science", but it clearly had a big impact on my - also has a great discussion of the placebo effect.    I don't remember what Goldacr says about homeopathy, but I'm fairly confident it wouldn't have been complimentary. 
By the way when I say science I mean the process (critical thinking, testing against evidence, being curious about how things work etc), not a set of facts. The facts change, the process is the process. And I picked my username because I love science (it's my job after all) not to try to make anyone feel bad or condescended too.
Tea - I would edit the title of the thread to be more descriptive. Not everyone idea of fun is the same.
I pretty much go with what katielove says. Actually my youngest has not had those 3 anyway - not on the schedule in the uk. Oldest had 2 of them (and a nasty case of rotavirus like illness which put her on a fluid drip - no lab confirmation). Even so rotavirus is rare, and in the developed world unlikely to be fatal.
This in my opinion is an example of saying something scientific sounding to make it sound like it works.Water does not remember substances which have been removed from it so thoroughly not even a single molecule remains. There are no vibrations. it's just water.Sometimes people (or cats) get better with no treatment. The placebo effect is also real and documented.
But don't non vaccinating parents often do this anyway? At least I see tons of threads on Mdc looking for non-Vax friendly doctors in such and such area. And I don't think that is always/often due to being unable to be treated elsewhere - because often it is lot described as being caused by the parent being sick of defending the choice not to vaccinate and wishing to find a doctor who will let it go, and/or be supportive of the choice.
At the risk of derailing the thread, I disagree the pediatrician is pro mandatory vaccine. S/he just states that they feel unable to treat people who choose not to vaccinate as s/he should find them too difficult to work. The doctor is US based, so simply suggests those patients go elsewhere. That's not demanding compliance or mandatory vaccinations in my opinion.
Ss834 - thank you for such an amzing and in depth response. That must have taken some time. I personally really appreciate it.
I'm not sure that's very helpful if I'm honest.
Turquesa - I'm not rexeldexel, but this isn't about debating single members, more the topic. I presume the pneumococcal strains which are now becoming more do infant were around before, just much rarer than the main kind. So then the vaccine reduces the amount of cases of the main strain, and then proportionally we see many more of the rare types, but in number they are the same. Is that how it works, or is the actually number of rare strain cases increased? Ps. I never...
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