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But I thought studies of un vaccinated children were needed to check if vaccines cause lots of chronic diseases in the rest of the population..... Or is this just asking about why you decided not to vaccinate? Nothing else about the health of your family? I doubt it's targeted, but I tend to trust that most people aren't out to get me, just getting on with their own jobs...
Another good text on a similar topic is Ben Goldacre's "Big Pharma". Aldo check out "Bad Science" by him. But don't forget to read the chapters on vaccination and how corruption in big pharma does not immediately mean all vaccination programs are worthless. He's much better at explaining that than I am.
Kathymuggle - just to say thanks for deleting the nasty popcorn smily. I appreciate your efforts to stay polite. I also try to do the same, and I know the way I interact on here has changed a lot on the last 2 years. I repeat again I did not use the term anti-Vax to apply to anyone here, but to other groups on the internet. Everyone here is obviously an individual and posting their own opinions.
I was not intending to label anyone posting here as anti-vax, but I was stating that "do no harm" is an argument I feel that I have often heard from groups on the internet which I do consider to be anti-vax. Those groups may prefer to be called pro- vaccination safety groups, rather than anti-vaccination, but it is my personal opinion that their actions, and the messages they put out are anti-vaccination, so I will choose to continue to call them anti-vaccination.    I...
Decided the above was a new topic, so: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1397117/first-do-no-harm
I posted the below elsewhere, but then decided maybe the topic deserved its own thread: The suggestion that recommending large scale vaccination programs breaks the doctors "first do no harm" oath has come up on this thread (and possibly elsewhere - it's hard to keep up this week!). I knw I'd heard this before from the antivax movement (I think there's even a lifetime movie with the name), so I suspected there'd be an informed response to it online. It is an interesting...
See next comment.
Isn't that just a placebo injection - homeopathy being substances so watered down that not even a single molecule of the so called active ingredient remains? I have not heard of them being used, but these days nothing would surprise me.
I'm out of town for work. I miss the family of course, but upside is 2 mornings free for ygpa. But I have a cold. Anyone have recommendations for decongestant poses? Does such a thing exist - I hope it does!
The fraction totally unvaccinated is irrelevant here. Not all vaccines are the same, and not all vpds are the same either. We need the fraction un- or under-vaccinated for each vpd separately, and we need to compare that to how easy the vpd is transmitted.But we've discussed all that before.
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