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Ooh! Awesome! You guys are full of such awesome suggestions! Thanks so much really! And now I just have to get that book recommended at the end of that article Putting Food By. I've had that book recommended to me so many times, it's just time to finally get it.
I love all the ideas! Thanks so much guys. I'm going to try the infused oil for sure. And maybe the hair rinse. I think a wreath is a great idea too. Maybe that's something DD and I can work on together.
My husband helps my parents take care of their vegetable, fruit, and herb gardens. Over the winter they had a couple of rosemary plants under frost blankets, and they not only didn't die, but kept growing! So, today my hubby cut them all back for the spring growing season. Now I have two shopping bags full of fresh rosemary. I'll probaby dry a bunch of it and store some fresh to use in meals the next couple of weeks. But, does anybody have any creative uses for it?
I'm looking to get a water table for the kids this spring/summer. My kiddos are my 5 yo DD and my son who will be 1 in June. The table will be set up outdoors on either a stone patio or on rubber mulch. We already have a sandbox, so a sand/water table is not necessary, but I'm not opposed to having one with both elements. I'm basically looking for recommendations. Do you have a water table you love? Is there one you've been lusting after? Links are appreciated. Thanks so...
I love all of the pieces you have chosen. They all have a unique takeon your standard fare of playground equipment. I agree with the pp who suggested a shade structure. Also several benches, and ideally picinic tables. It's so nice to be able to take the kids to the park and have lunch there. And maybe a couple extra trash cans more than you think you might need. The parks in my area always have the trash bins overflowing and swarming with bees in the summertime. The...
I think you should pick whichever camp has the best activities for your DD regardless of the sex of the other campers. My kids aren't teens yet, but my DD5 is going to her first summer camp this year because I'm such a huge fan of them. (she's doing 1/2 day coed circus camp in another town.) I went to summer camps every year growing up. Sometimes I went to two or three depending on how the schedules worked out that summer, and there were many years I went to camps for...
  Family is actually doing good. Tracy was right. I'm seeing a lot more things starting to have movement as this cycle comes to a close. Not as much as I would like, but hey... I'll take it.   As far as your question about text able to be misinterpreted, I for sure believe that is possible... maybe even more so than pictures. Just think how often forum postings, emails and txts are misinterpreted. I remember reading something on one of the treasure map threads about being...
I agree that price sounds a little high. But not by a whole lot. I would think about the reasons you want her to be in gymnastics and then decide if those things are worth it. For me forming friendships, learning discipline, excercise, gaining body control, learning a skill, and a few other things not necessarily in this order make it easy for me to write that tuition check each month.
I would have been livid. My own rule is that before a gun is purchased by a member of this household, that a safe is purchased first. Additionally, I don't even want them in the house. We have a detached garage the safe would stay in.
Try checking out Boulder Colorado. I went there with DD when she was around 6 months old. We had a blast hiking, visiting the aquarium, playing by the river, and shopping the cool crunchy stores on Pearl Street. There's even a coffee shop with a play area. There were so many thing to do there, especially outdoors. I think you could find something for everyone.
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