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I love my ringslings for newborns! Very quick and easy!
liked! I've been looking at these for my toddler's Christmas present this year. :)  
Osnaburg fabric a heavy cotton that some mamas like, or you can buy 100% linen in a medium weight (6-7 oz). Denim or twill will also work-- same weight as the linen I recommended.
Do you still have your Maya wrap? Ringslings are great for quick carries while running errands.
Exactly! Who gave humans the knowledge to find what works to heal our bodies? The desire for children is a God-given one as well, and by using what God created to fulfill that desire is not hypocritical.
My potato chips must be Lays or they're not worth the calories. Heinz ketsup, Nabisco graham crackers, quilted Northern TP.
I have that as a symptom as well. Mine started about 4 years ago during a very stressful life situation. I had hyperemesis with my pregnancy, and one of the meds I took to control that was Reglan, which also helped my GERD symptoms, but it came back about 4 months postpartum.
My toddler is 23 months, and I haven't for a while now, probably since last fall. She is interested in everything going on around her and would rather eat a quick snack than be tied down with nursing. I didn't make a conscious effort to not NIP, it just happened that way. If she did ask, I'd put her in my ringsling and nurse on the go, and probably nobody would even know. :)
She needs to wake up and eat so she can grow. Are you undressing her down to her diaper? Like pp said a cold washcloth, tickling her feet, and blowing gently on her tummy might help. Can you pump to keep your supply up? Do you have a lactation consultant to call for help?
Does she have some sort of ointment such as lanolin or nipple butter to put on them? Ibuprofen is okay to take for pain, and chilled cabbage leaves in her bra will soothe as well. It might be a good idea to not pump anymore for a while, and when she does go back to pumping only a few minutes at a time. What pump is she using?
New Posts  All Forums: